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Things to know and prepare before applying for an L1 Visa

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Some of its citizens will picture themselves going to the United States of America to live and work in every nation. They call this the “American Dream.” The U.S.A. is undeniably the land of most Fortune 500 businesses. This is one rationale why many laboring professionals all around the globe are working hard to get a spot for an L1 Visa.

But if you think that serving in the U.S. is easy, well, you must consider many things. One example is the visa that you are going to apply for. The type of visa that you will bear in your name will determine what kind of work and how long you can stay in the United States of America. 

For this piece, we will talk about the L1 visa and whence you can serve under the provisions of this visa. We will supply you with all the points you need to grasp to appeal for L-1 access for that interest. 

The L1 Visa

Before jumping into all the requests and specifications, let us tackle what is an L1 visa first. The L1 visa is a powerful visa procured mainly by people who wish to work in the United States of America under the L1 category. 

This permission is a non-immigrant visa and can be utilized for a brief period. For example, an Iranian can use this for three months but five years for an Indian and Japanese. It is based on a record of non-reciprocity and the most significant period for which a person can visit the States following this endorsement is seven years.

This sort of visa is open to those who work in groups with posts in the United States of America and overseas. Foreign executives can also transfer to the company’s U.S. office after working across the same firm for a minimum of one year within three years before admission to the States. 

The connection among the non-US employers and U.S. organizations must be in both of the four behaviors – base and branch; subsidiary and parent; affiliates held by the company or sister firms managed by the corresponding parent. The L-1 visa empowers foreign enterprises that do not have an office in the U.S.A. to assign an attendant to the States to ascertain one but with several requirements.

The L1 Visa Procedure

The subcategories of an L1 visa are as follows:

1. L1A Visa

1. This permission is for the use of managers and executives. 

2. The L1-A visa is suitable for seven years. After the visa has lapsed, the person can pass for the rank of L-1 only after serving overseas for the merest period of one year for the subsidiary, parent, branch, or subsidiary of the company in the United States of America.

2. L1B Visa

1. The L-1B Visa is for those operators who practice specific information in their appropriate company.

2. Now, this permission is only suitable for five years, unlike the L-1A visa. The permit lapses when the candidate can pass for L-1 status anew only after serving overseas for the U.S. Company’s subsidiary, branch, associate, or parent for a minimum of 1 year.

On the other hand, these are the types of procedures for L1:

1. Regular L1 visa – the individual must appeal for the permit under his name by himself. The second he uses for one, the USCIS will circumscribe the areas for endorsement. To have one, the person applying for an L-1 visa should file a petition with USCIS. 

2. Blanket L1 visa – USCIS furnishes this visa to those who meet specific criteria that they impose. USCIS would have come up with a ruling already about the company’s qualifications. In this case, the applicant will only have to declare a copy of the blanket appeal that has been appreciated alongside other necessary papers. 

The L1 visa requirements

Different demands depend on if the person petitioning is an executive or a skilled worker. Don’t worry. We will specify them both for you. 

To start with, here are the urgent demands that both applicants will need:

1. The U.S. firm(branch, subsidiary, etc.) petitioning for the visa must have a qualifying relationship with the parent company.

2. There must be sufficient physical space for a new office (if applicable).

3. For the entire span of the visa holder’s stay in the United States of America, the company requested for this visa must be involved in the company as an owner in the U.S. and a minimum of one other country.

L1A visa application requirement:

1. The applicant should have acted overseas for a company for the merest span of one continuous year within three years after his/her admission to the States.

2. The applicant must have been in the managerial or executive rank to fit.

3. The applicant must be moving to the States to provide his/her services in a managerial or executive function. This is for fitting industries such as a branch of the employer.

4. The holder of this visa must have plans to depart the country after fulfillment of the stay.

L-1a visa application requirement

L1B visa application requirement

1. The applicant must have served overseas for a company for a minimum period of one continuous year within three years before his/her admission to the States.

2. The applicant will have to manage with the company to provide specialized services to the qualifying organization

3. Visa holders must intend to leave the country after the fulfillment of work.

The L1 visa required documents

1. Prevailing and previous passports(if any)

2. Up-to-date passport size image

3. Filled in Form DS-160

4. Interview appointment letter (original and photocopy)

5. The receipt number of the I-129 application, along with a substantial proof

6. Visa issuance fee request draft

7. Job experience letters from previous employers

8. Certificates of practice undertaken, degree (original with photocopy)

9. Resume

10. Bank accounts for the preceding six months.

11. Data regarding the U.S. company

12. Photos of the area of profession

13. Contact information of two coworkers from former jobs

The L1 visa application

Since you have all the facts about the L-1 visa, let us advance with the application suitably. Make sure to grasp all these to have more significant outcomes of passing.

1. First, you must submit a request to the USCIS. 

2. Then, you need to present supporting records that the U.S. and the foreign subsidiary company meet the qualifications. 

3. USCIS will grant approval on Form I-797 and Notice of Action. You can use this to demand a demand from the foreigner who will apply for visa issuance. In this sense, the applicant can do this at the consulate or embassy of the U.S.A.

4. Applicants already in the States throughout the filing of I-129 can request for a transition in status from non-immigrant.

5. Spouses and kids of the claimant may obtain L-2 visas.


Now that we have come to an end, we want to make sure that you have all the things you need to qualify for an L1 visa. Achieving your “American dream” is not that easy. But we are here to be the beacon that you can follow to have an organized path to your dream. 

We hope that we have provided all the things that you need, especially for the knowledge about an L1 visa. 

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