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The UPS Store: Pros And Cons Of A UPS Store Franchise

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Perhaps you are searching for viable and profitable franchise opportunities in your area to boost your career prospects. Before doing so, it will be necessary to undertake some research about the brand. This way, you can get to know the pros and cons of hiring a UPS Store franchise in your area. Studying the market & customer purchase behavior will also let you know whether the franchisee will offer profits or not.

About UPS Store Franchise

Mail Boxes etc., established in 1980, became a popular brand in the United States & the world over. It soon became a leading alternative to the U.S. Postal Service, including a leader in business service centers, printing & shipping.

The United Parcel Service is popularly known to the masses as ‘UPS’. It is among those brands that have managed to become powerful in a particular industry. It then went on to dominate the other sectors. In 2001, Mail Boxes was taken over and this was followed with overnight rebranding in about 3,000 locations. With immediate effect, the UPS Store went on to become the best-known and biggest name in the entire retail sector.

Hence, the corporate union of the UPS Store holds significant importance within the private shipping industry. Notably, after a span of three years, FedEx successfully acquired Kinkos, a move that reshaped the competitive landscape. Kinkos, renowned for its top-tier services in general business and printing, solidified FedEx’s position in the market. This strategic acquisition further enhanced FedEx’s presence and offerings in the industry, empowering the brand on multiple fronts.

Henceforth, the emergence of the brand known as Fedex/Kinkos paved the manner for a rebranding attempt that resulted in the simplified call of FedEx Office. At that point, the two main private shipping giants had extended their offerings to embody a wide range of business services, including packaging, copying, printing, and retail center areas, catering to the diverse needs of clients across diverse industries.

The industry underwent a significant transformation by embracing a revolutionary concept that paved the way for enhanced services. This shift in approach marked a turning point for the public, granting them convenient access to the exceptional services provided by two well-established brands. Consequently, these brands set exceptionally high standards, challenging competitors to meet the raised bar and drive innovation within the industry.

The impact of this situation became so significant that it presented a huge impediment for each national and local business seeking to compete efficiently in the market. As a result, purchasers significantly benefited from this dynamic by means of actively seeking out these particular brands when shopping for the products or services they desired. This trend fostered competitive surroundings where businesses had been forced to continually innovate and improve with the purpose of meeting the evolving demands and expectations of consumers.

Increasing franchise opportunities

Ups store franchise

Mail Boxes, Etc. & The UPS Store is a globally renowned brand with an in-depth presence in more than 75 countries, imparting beneficial opportunities for franchisees. With a network spanning over 4,400 convenient locations, franchisees of The UPS Store are empowered to supply a diverse array of top-notch products and services catering to their local consumers. Some of the comprehensive solutions offered by means of these franchisees include expert packing and transport services, efficient postal and mailbox solutions, professional finishing, copying, and printing services, as well as a wide selection of moving and packaging supplies, making sure that clients receive a one-stop-shop experience for all their logistical needs.

In addition to providing Business Services such as office, notary, and fax supplies, the franchise also requires aspiring entrepreneurs to have a strong command of the English language. This proficiency in English is essential for anyone looking to take up a franchise opportunity with this brand, as effective communication is crucial in running a successful business in today’s competitive market.

In addition, it is a requirement for them to take the English proficiency examination as part of demonstrating their competency within the language, with the purpose of serving as a validation of their understanding and ability to communicate efficaciously in English.

As a globally recognized brand, the UPS Store franchise is poised to attract customers unexpectedly once operations commence. The attraction of this franchise lies in its strong reputation and sizeable appeal, making it an appealing funding choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, before diving into this possibility, it is critical to cautiously keep in mind the benefits and drawbacks related to proudly owning a UPS Store Franchise. Understanding the intricacies of this business venture will help potential investors make knowledgeable decisions and maximize their probabilities of fulfillment in the aggressive retail marketplace.


1. High overall ranking:

The UPS store has recently achieved the impressive ranking of #17 on the Top 500 Franchises list through Entrepreneur Magazine, a well-reputable guide inside the industry. Furthermore, this esteemed magazine has continuously identified and awarded the UPS brand as the leading franchisee for an excellent 19 consecutive years. Such a resounding reputation highlights the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, solidifying its function as a top choice in the franchising world.

2. Advanced technology:

The company’s franchising network system is powered by cutting-edge digital information systems, incorporating the latest and most innovative technology available. With this advanced system in place, franchisees are empowered to effortlessly handle and distribute a staggering 13+ million documents, packages, and mail pieces on a daily basis. Furthermore, the system’s unparalleled distribution and tracking capabilities ensure that every item is delivered efficiently and accurately, underscoring the company’s commitment to excellence in service.


1. Questionable profitability:

According to reports, it has been recommended that if you want to generate an annual income of $35,000, a business would typically need to achieve an annual gross sales figure of approximately $365,000. This can prove to be a challenging endeavor for numerous stores, requiring diligent effort and effective strategic planning to achieve sustainable financial success within the competitive market landscape.

Engaging in thorough research and meticulously analyzing the comprehensive feasibility report are vital steps that can greatly assist you in laying the groundwork for a successful and lucrative venture with a UPS Store Franchise. By delving into these resources, you can better position yourself to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable success in this endeavor.

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