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The Ultimate Guide For Shopping Men’s Wedding Bands

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Shopping for men’s wedding bands is as important as shopping for the bride’s ring. There is also just as much to think about when shopping for the groom’s ring as in the women’s rings. And this comes with its challenges because you have to buy a wedding ring you want to wear each day of your life, and it has to fit perfectly.

Ultimately, it is about personal style when determining which ring styles you should buy. However, it also helps to shop for men’s wedding bands with as much knowledge on the subject as possible.

Hence, in this guide, we will walk you through how you can shop for the best men’s wedding bands. You’ll also find the different types of metals used for making wedding rings, the different styles of rings, and how to clean your wedding bands.

Tips for Shopping Your Men’s Wedding Bands

Below are some tips to help you when shopping for men’s wedding bands.

1. Set a Budget

You might overlook this, but setting a budget that covers the cost of your ring is very important for your wedding. Men’s rings typically cost $200 and above, depending on the type you want to buy.

Setting a budget saves you from unnecessary costs. It enables you to quickly choose among your rings within the amount you have set aside for them. Even if your budget is lower than average, there will always be a ring for you.

2. Know Your Ring Size

Next is to know your ring size to avoid getting something bigger or smaller than your finger. This will save you the pain of getting a wedding band that doesn’t fit. You know the ring fits when it doesn’t fall off your finger, no matter how you wiggle your hand.

Get a jeweler to measure your ring size using a ring sizer. When measuring your finger, ensure your hands are at a mild temperature because heat can make your fingers swell, and cold can make them thin— which can alter the actual measurement of your finger.

3. Choose the Right Metal for Your Wedding Rings

It’s time to choose the metal for your wedding ring; this determines how your wedding band looks, the price, and the measures you need to take to maintain your ring.

Also, choose a metal you are comfortable with that won’t rust, cause any allergies, or lose its shape when you mistakenly hit it against an object.  There are a variety of metals used for making wedding rings; here are some popular ones

Yellow Gold

It’s the most classic and traditional of all metals used for wedding bands; it is timeless, naturally soft, and doesn’t wear out. It is available in 9 and 18-karat gold.

White Gold

White Gold is a mix of yellow gold and white metal to give a similar shine to platinum. You must plate it with rhodium every few years to maintain this white shine.

Rose Gold

This is made with gold, silver, and copper alloy to get that beautiful red-pink shade. It’s one of the trendy metals used for wedding bands and other jewelry.


Platinum mens wedding bands

Platinum is the rarest and most durable of all wedding band metals. It has the whitest color and a constant white shine without plating it with rhodium. It doesn’t easily rust and is hypoallergenic— all these qualities make it one of the most expensive metals.


Palladium metal gives a dark gray shine uncommon from other metals; it is also rare and considered part of the platinum family. It also has a constant shine and is resistant to corrosion.


Titanium is a durable metal that is surprisingly lightweight; it can withstand long-life wear. This metal is affordable; it doesn’t lose color and is an excellent option for a wedding band.


Tungsten is another metal option that is becoming well-liked because of its durability, strength, and timeless look. Additionally, tungsten is affordable and scratch-resistant, making it a perfect metal to choose when shopping for men’s wedding bands.

Sterling Silver

This is a very soft metal that can easily damage or scratch. It’s easy to get and cheaper to buy. However, it’s also considered a classic choice of wedding bands.

4. Choose a Style

Choosing a style is the next important thing when getting your men’s wedding bands. This step can be challenging due to the availability of different styles. However, below-listed is a group of different men’s ring styles to make your journey easy

Classic Court

Classic Court is the most common ring shape; this type of men’s wedding ring is round both on the inside and outside—and creates an almost rounded ring that makes it the most comfortable men’s wedding band available. It is timeless because it’s a type of wedding ring that doesn’t go out of style

D-Shaped/ Domed Rings

This is the second most famous ring, similar to classic Court rings. It has a flat inside and a round outside, like the letter ‘D.’ This ring type is perfect for men who love traditionally shaped bands with a flat style that fits comfortably.

Flat Rings

This ring style is the opposite of the classic Court; it has both a flat inside and a flat outside. These rings suit men with practical jobs or who lead an active lifestyle. The whole surface of the ring fits perfectly and comfortably around your finger.

Flat Court

Flat court mens wedding bands

Flat Court features the exterior of a flat ring and an interior of a classic ring— it’s prevalent among men. This modern and elegant design ensures comfort due to the inside curve.


This style of ring is common in men’s wedding rings. It has an angled edge of less than 90 degrees— a flat interior and a slightly angled exterior with two edges. This style provides a modern and fantastic look to a wedding band, but it won’t be suitable for someone that wants a thinner ring because it requires a broader band.


This is one of the most spectacular designs among men’s wedding bands. The outside of the ring is curved, and the inside of the ring is cambered inwards, providing a concave shape. This is a guarantee that you will have a beautiful and comfortable ring.

5. Choose a Finish

Choosing a finish is often the last thing to consider when shopping for a men’s wedding band. The finish will determine how your ring will come out— shining or subdued. Below are some different types of finishes for your wedding bands.

High Polish

High Polish is the most classic and well-known finish for men’s wedding rings. Polishing makes the ring smooth in texture, reflective, and shining. To keep its shine, you have to polish it often.

Satin Finish

Satin finish has a smooth surface but is less reflective than high-polish rings. It tends to diffuse light rather than reflect and has a subdued sheen.


Matte rings have low shine and have a subtle look— it looks like it’s almost wire out; this helps to mask any scratches that may occur.


This kind of finish looks similar to the satin finish— they are subtle and diffuse light. This type of ring finish has a different texture that resembles brush strokes.


The hammered wedding rings, as the name implies, have a high texture that looks like dents or dimples on the outer part of the ring.

Combination Finish

This finish combines two or more types of metals to achieve a stylish look.

How Can You Clean Your Wedding Ring at Home

It’s one thing to buy your wedding band and it’s another to keep it clean always even though you wear it every day of your life. Whatever metal you decide to buy or have already bought needs to be appropriately maintained to look shiny.

Now, you have found the perfect wedding ring for you or your partner. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can clean and care for the ring. These methods below are safe for any men’s wedding band.

  • Get warm water in a bowl and add a few drops of mild soap
  • Dip a clean cloth in the soapy water and clean your ring. Alternatively, you can use a soft toothbrush instead of a cloth.
  • Rinse the ring with warm water and clean it with a towel.
  • Finally, expose the ring to air and let it dry.

Note: do not use any form of bleach for your ring when cleaning— they can affect the surface of your wedding bands.


This article has walked you through all of the steps involved in shopping for your men’s wedding bands— from setting a budget, knowing the size of your wedding band, choosing the best metal and style for your ring down to choosing the best ring finish.

With this detailed guide, it’s now up to you to decide on the type of ring you want for your wedding. However, if you still feel overwhelmed, you can seek advice from your close friends or family members who are knowledgeable, or the best thing— consult a reputable jeweler. In the end, make sure to choose the best— beautiful, strong, timeless, and durable. We hope you find this post helpful. Good luck!

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