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The struggles in women entrepreneurship

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Would you believe it if someone told you that 11 million companies in the United States of America were officially owned by women? On paper, the idea of women’s entrepreneurship will sound amazing. In fact, this would show the power of the digital revolution. However, not everything is smooth and sound in paradise.  Women entrepreneurship is a challenging domain with many known and untold challenges.

Here are a few challenges to begin with.

Social expectations 

The process of defying social norms and expectations is not simple. It never was and wouldn’t be for some time. As you walk into a conference, you will be able to count the number of women in the crowd. In fact, the moment women start to speak, a good percentage would feel unnerved. In such a situation, women need to find a way of pushing forward. They need to be constantly reminded of “how” and “why” they got there in the first place.


It is quite unfortunate that women entrepreneurs don’t have adequate funding. Many a time, financial institutions look for men-owned companies. This makes it very difficult for budding women in the workforce to secure money.

In fact, most women look for fellow women investors who can support them.

A serious struggle! 

Challenges faced by female entrepreneurs

Earning respect in a world where “men” seem to manage everything is difficult. This struggle is real, and it can be witnessed in any culture. With time, you will see many negative vibes building around you. And, if your work focuses on a male-dominated industry, things get tougher. To survive a wave of comments, doubts, and ruthless feedback, you need to stay in touch with inspirational people. Learn from their previous experiences. And never neglect their “sincere” tips and tricks on how to succeed.

Accomplishments that Need to be Owned! 

Women often take a good amount of time to own their accomplishments. They have the inherent habit of downplaying their actual capabilities. If you are worthy, you need to be proud of it. Never replace “I” with “we” all the time. Sometimes, “I” has to take the front page. Such emotions cannot be termed as “bragging”. Instead, it is all about showcasing your true abilities in the industry.

A network! 

When compared with men, the other kind always struggles to build strong social circles. It could be because a good number of companies are owned by men! Yet, you need to find a way of blazing your path and becoming noticed.

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