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The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Fire Safety Coordinator

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One of the most important tasks organizations and facilities have is maintaining the safety of their buildings. From schools and colleges to businesses and residential or commercial properties, keeping the building and its occupants safe and sound is vital, and this includes fire risk assessment. Bringing the risk of potential fire hazards is one of the top priorities for facilities of different kinds, which is when a fire safety coordinator comes into play.

Hiring such a professional goes a long way in minimizing fire risks while also ensuring peace of mind in cases of fire events since everything will be kept under control. In this article, we’ll explore the roles and responsibilities of a fire safety coordinator to provide a more detailed understanding of what professionals in this position aim to achieve.

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What is a fire safety coordinator?

Whether you own a big company or a small family business, fire safety should be one of your top priorities. Emergencies happen when we least expect them, and being prepared for them is of crucial importance. A big part of this process is coming up with an evacuation plan and learning how to implement it, and this is where the fire safety coordinator plays a vital role.

Regardless of the size of the property or the number of employees, every facility needs to have an evacuation plan that the fire safety coordinator can learn and then implement when necessary. In case of an emergency, they will be able to respond to the critical situation effectively and protect – and potentially save – the lives of the building’s occupants.

What is the role of a fire safety coordinator?

Having a fire safety coordinator to rely on is a great step toward ensuring a quick, efficient, and adequate response to a fire emergency. Employing different fire safety and protection methods is one of the many duties of a fire safety coordinator. It’s also a big part of the fire safety training course they had to complete in order to get certification. During the course, these professionals gain knowledge on fire fighting basics as well as fire protection devices such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers.

A fire safety coordinator is also expected to draw up fire plans, arrange fire drills and fire alarm tests, as well as perform site spot checks and inspect fire safety equipment. In case of an actual fire event, these professionals will navigate the entire situation and keep it under control by pointing the building’s occupants towards emergency exits and making sure that everyone leaves the building safely.

What is the role of a fire safety coordinator optimal fire protection

What are the responsibilities and functions of a fire safety coordinator?

Regardless of the organization or facility they work for, the responsibilities of a fire safety coordinator are the same – ensure optimal safety of building occupants. In order for that to happen, they must perform a series of tasks, duties, and functions that will help them ensure optimal fire safety. Some of the responsibilities and functions of a fire safety coordinator include:

1. Enforcement of different building, plumbing, fire, electrical, and mechanical codes to ensure fire safety

2. Addressing any safety code violations

3. Interpretation and enforcement of laws regarding fire prevention and fire safety as well as other regulations regarding fire safety

4. Regular testing of fire and safety equipment

5. Conduction of fire safety checks

6. Incident investigation

7. Identification of fire hazards

8. Providing training to employees or co-workers and educating them on rules and procedures relating to fire safety

What are the skills and requirements for becoming a fire safety coordinator?

Before hiring a fire safety coordinator, it is important to ensure they possess all the vital skills, requirements, and licensing needed to perform their duties and tasks safely and properly. Good communication and interpersonal skills along with adequate organizational abilities and teamwork skills are just some of the qualities a good candidate will need to have before applying for the position.

Other requirements that a fire safety coordinator needs to meet include:

  • completion of trainings regarding fire safety
  • knowledge of all the relevant fire safety regulations and codes
  • 2 or more years of experience working in the field
  • science degree in Fire Science Technology or a degree in environmental safety
  • adequate licensure and certification
  • pre-employment tests

Optimal fire protection and safety starts with preventative steps

Securing optimal fire safety levels starts with securing the right professionals such as Industrial Fire, who are fit with the correct skills to assist in the case of a fire. Their responsibilities should serve as an insight into what you should be looking for when trying to fill the position of a fire safety coordinator. That way, you’ll attract the best possible candidates and hire qualified individuals that check all the boxes.

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