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The Role Of The Performance Appraisal System In The Organization

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A performance appraisal system evaluates the job performance of an employee. It is a way to gain insight into the team’s working quality and to set output and monitoring goals. It also includes capturing quantitative and qualitative feedback, thereby turning it into fruitful actions.

What Is a Performance Appraisal System?

Performance appraisal is to review the job performance of an employee and to get clarity on their contribution to the organization. It is an evaluation of the performance of an employee that results in employee appraisal. Organizations or companies using performance appraisals evaluate their achievements, skills, and growth. Companies give feedback to their employees and justify paying bonuses and hikes in salary.

How do performance appraisals work?

The performance appraisal process is designed for HR departments and paves the way for career development. It provides individuals with an insight into their job performance, and the feedback they receive is the steering wheel. The employees meet and manage goals and learn through the guidance, even if they lack something.

Performance appraisals help managers and employees create a development plan for employees. It is given through increasing responsibilities and additional training. Thus, it allows employees to move ahead and improve their careers. The performance appraisal is done once a year and it is the report card of employees showing their contributions. 

Process of performance appraisal system

Process of performance appraisal system monitoring goals

1. Establishing performance standards

In the performance appraisal process, the first step is to set a standard. It is the basis for comparing an employee’s actual performance. It requires judging the employee’s performance. The set standard should be easy to understand and clear in measurable terms. Employee performance cannot always be measured; if so, great care must be taken to explain the standards.

2. Measuring actual performance

The tough part of the performance appraisal system is measuring the employee’s actual performance. It reveals the work actually done by the employees at a particular time. This process is continuous, involving performance monitoring throughout the year.  It requires using appropriate techniques to measure and to take care so that there is no personal bias.  The process outcome should not appear partial. It should provide assistance and not interfere with the work of the employees.

3. Communicating the standards

It is the responsibility of management to set standards and communicate them to the employees. The employees must stay well informed of the set standards and if not, they should get a clear explanation from their seniors. It will assist them in understanding their roles and knowing what is expected of them. The set standards are also communicated to the evaluators or appraisers, if required. The standards are modified as per feedback from the evaluators or employees.

4. Comparing desired and actual performance

The performance desired and actual is compared on the basis of standard set performance. The result will show actual performance and its comparisons will inform the performance deviations. The performance showing less than the desired depicts a negative deviation. Such performances are evaluated and the data analysis is rechecked to verify the performance of the employee or employees.

5. Discussing feedback

The appraisal result is discussed and communicated on a one-to-one basis with employees. Getting into the discussion shows how the performance appraisal system works. The focus of the appraisal system is on listening and communication. The possible solutions based on the feedback are discussed and solutions of action help to reach a consensus. Feedback on performance appraisals helps correct the mistakes of the employees and motivates them to do better.

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