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The Philippines, The Friend Of The USA, Has Given Access To The USA In Its Pacific Region

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Philippines Has Given Access to the USA For Operating in Its Region Over the Taiwan Concerns.

In the midst of rising anxiety over China’s escalating aggressiveness in the dispute-ridden South China Sea and concerns over self-ruled Taiwan, the Philippines has offered the United States greater access to its military sites, the two nations spoke on Thursday.

According to announcements from the defense ministries of both nations, Washington will be granted access to 4 more sites under an Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) signed in 2014.

The Friendship of the Philippines and USA Has Only Deepened Over Time.

“The US-Philippines alliance has endured time and is still unbreakable. We anticipate the chances these new sites will present to increase our mutual cooperation “The declarations said.

In accordance with the EDCA, the US has already declared that it would be investing more than $82 million in infrastructure upgrades at the existing five locations.

The EDCA grants the US accessibility to Philippine army bases for joint training, equipment deploying troops, and infrastructure construction including runways, fuel storage, and base housing, but not for a long-term presence.

The Balance of Power Game by USA In the Pacific Region

The balance of power game by usa in the pacific region philippines

In order to increase its security measures in the Philippines and thwart any Chinese aggression against Taiwan, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was in Manila for discussions.

The new locations were not mentioned in the statements. According to the previous head of the Philippine military, the United States had asked for access to facilities on the island of Palawan, which faces the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, as well as on the total northern area of Luzon, the region of the Philippines that is most near Taiwan.

The Chinese Embassy in Manila did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Prior to his meeting with Carlito Galvez, Austin visited with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the royal palace. He gave the Southeast Asian leader the assurance that “we work tirelessly to aid you in every way we can.”

Marcos, who has spoken with US President Joe Biden twice since his resounding victory in the May presidential elections, maintained that he did not see a destiny for his nation without its old friend.

Marcos told Austin, “I have repeatedly stated that the destiny of the Philippines, and for that reason the Asia Pacific, would always include the United States.

USA Would Support the Philippines Right Over the South China Sea, No Matter What – Declares Washington

Austin’s travel to the Philippines comes after US Vice President Kamala Harris’ three-day vacation there in November, which included a stopover on the island of Palawan. Harris declared that Washington would support the Philippines against threats and pressure in the South China Sea.

Numerous demonstrators chanted anti-US chants outside the military headquarters and demanded that the EDCA be repealed.

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