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The Link Between Nonprofits and Community 

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Nonprofit organizations play an important role in establishing healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to economic stability and mobility. They also help strengthen communities in other ways. Nonprofit leadership is frequently the voice of the people they serve. Strong, well-resourced nonprofit organizations that are linked to their community decision-making infrastructure can promote growth and opportunity.

A Community Base 

As a nonprofit organization, it is critical to be involved and relevant in the community in which you work. By being an active member in the local community, you increase the visibility of your organization while also getting to know the people in your community. They are your primary source of volunteers and donors, and you must acknowledge and appreciate their efforts to support your causes. Ways to build a community base include:

  • Make your own giving day or week
  • Become a community partner
  • Promote volunteer opportunities in your community
  • Participate in local community events
  • Maintain consistency and get involved

Offer Continued Help 

Nonprofit organizations

Generally, people are looking for referrals to resources that will assist them in meeting their needs. Community resource data contains information about the health, human, and social services available to people in need, as well as which organizations provide these services and how people can access them. As a nonprofit, you can offer social service referrals to your local community. The steps to a referral include:

  • Determine key performance factors important to your organization– What is critical for your management and team? You must monitor client interactions to measure the effectiveness of your referencing process. Your team may want to conduct analytics to learn more about the needs and services in your referencing program.
  • Adopt a centralized system to make it simple– When evaluating or developing centralized systems, ensure your team can quickly search all available programs for your beneficiaries. Categorization and labeling of programs should be simple. Your organization must monitor and measure the success of its referral system to improve processes.
  • Provide up-to-date information– Your organization’s credibility is dependent on its ability to connect people to programs that can assist them. Even if there is a centralized program, it is critical to update and double-check information continuously. If you refer a recipient to a program that is no longer active or is unreliable, your recipient’s trust in your services is diminished.

Form Connections

Volunteers are, without a doubt, one of the most valuable resources for a nonprofit. Nonprofit and public organizations frequently rely on volunteers to carry out their missions and goals. Utilizing volunteers can save money, provide better support to recipients, increase contact with the larger community, and expand your knowledge. Find volunteers by tapping into social media connections, contacting your donor base, and recruit in schools.

Bring Awareness

Nonprofit organizations make the world a better place. Because these organizations rely on donations, their public visibility is critical. There are a few tips for growing awareness:

  • Utilize social media– These are free marketing opportunities. Even if your volunteer or donor base is older, everyone has a family member that uses Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. Take the most powerful combination of all three. Consider who you talk to when you make social media posts, and let this inform you and any photos you use. Younger generations, for example, may be drawn to more exciting graphics and events, whereas older generations may be drawn to more relaxed color schemes.
  • Set up a community service project– Involve others to remind people about your work and organization. Organize a nonprofit community service project and invite service clubs, youth organizations, or even local businesses to take part.
  • Create brochures and fliers– Most coffee shops have community boards where you can promote your business by posting flyers. These boards are usually placed where everyone who enters the coffee shop sees them. Be sure to include contact information, a website, and/or social media accounts.
  • Partner with another organization– This does not have to be a nonprofit. Collaborations with local organizations are an excellent way to raise awareness for your nonprofit. Many for-profit organizations are always looking for nonprofit partners to help do good for their community.
  • Hold a contest– A photo contest or a video competition can raise awareness by generating social media attention with little effort on your part. Simply give people a subject and entry rules. The more creative and entertaining the contest, the higher likelihood it has of going viral.

Community Commitment

Nonprofit organizations take on many responsibilities that profit organizations do not. They are therefore eligible to seek support and community partners and to give priority to community participation. Establishing a network of community relationships will promote your cause and strengthen your nonprofit.

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