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The Importance Of Mobile Device Management Solutions For Startups

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Thousands of people start new businesses every year, but only those businesses become successful in highly competitive markets and efficiently utilize resources. Every startup requires constant hard work and the best management process for continuous growth. Mobile device management solutions are the right tools for new businesses to manage their operations smoothly and efficiently.

MDM is a device management solution that enables small and large enterprises to manage and control a large fleet of smart devices. Different MDM solutions support one or multiple OS. Startups require deep analysis and management tools to optimize tasks and understand market trends. They make it possible by managing and controlling enterprise devices from a central location.

Startups can use MDM solutions to reduce costs by remotely handling many tasks. More tasks can be done with low labor strength in little time. MDM provides real-time location of devices operational in the field to track the working status and delays. Remote monitoring and control enable them to remotely diagnose issues and provide remote troubleshooting support to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

Common challenges faced by startups in managing work devices

1. Cost management

Due to a lack of awareness, startups pay huge costs for various operations that can be managed at low prices. To start work, they have to arrange smart devices like tablets, smartphones, rugged devices, POS, and many other things. They have to pay high costs for network management and hire an IT team to manage the devices, including travelling costs. Uncontrolled use of devices by employees also maximizes data costs and high-security risks.

2. Maintaining workforce productivity

Manually maintaining work devices is very time-consuming and always leaves some space for mismanagement. It is hard to manually manage and control many employee devices manually, especially in startups. Usually, investors are unaware of employee’s behavior and the strategies to get control over employees’ device usage. Sometimes, they miss important updates on devices, resulting in device downtime.

3. Compliance and regulatory issues

Anyone new in the market needs to be aware of the insights of the business trends. Startups face many issues related to compliance. They cannot comply with industry standards, and much time is wasted to manage things according to regulations. Even they face pressure and are charged by designated authorities for not fulfilling their requirements to continue business.

Why are MDM solutions beneficial to startups?

1. Cost Savings

MDM helps startups to optimize device management and reduce costs to generate more revenue. It helps admins to monitor device activities and data usage to control it remotely. A single IT expert can manage a fleet of devices remotely and troubleshoot all device issues in little time, saving downtime and costs for more labor and traveling. Regular maintenance of devices with MDM helps to increase the life of devices.

2. Enhanced Security

MDM provides high-security features like strong password inputs, multi-factor authentications, app restrictions, network control access, and remote lockdown features to improve the security of devices. Web filtering and app allowlist also helps to safeguard devices from malicious attacks and malware.

Data encryption, remote wipes, and location tracking add additional security to the fleet of enterprise devices.

3. Increased Productivity

Auto-enrollment of devices into the startup of any business network saves a lot of time and configuration issues, allowing them to spend time on other important tasks. MDM’s app restriction feature helps new businesses control usage on enterprise devices. It enables them to focus on their work without distractions, and hence, work productivity is enhanced. Scheduling updates of devices after working hours, preferably at night, and remote troubleshooting saves precious time and ensures high productivity.

How AirDroid Business MDM helps startups with mobile device management?

Airdroid business

AirDroid Business is one the most widely used mobile device management solutions for enterprises with Android devices. It provides a comprehensive set of features to support startups in managing and securing devices with automated working and remote support. It also offers a 14-day free trial for startups to try its features for better management and controlled processing of devices.

1. Streamline device setup and deployment.

AirDroid Business helps newbies automate device management by enrolling a large fleet of devices simultaneously and configuring each device with a pre-defined set of policies and applications. It helps them to comply with industry standards and equally manage security settings on each device. It reduces the stress and workload of manually configuring each enterprise device.

2. Remote troubleshooting

With AirDroid Business, newly started IT teams can save time and money by easily monitoring devices from their office and controlling them remotely to troubleshoot issues. It helps starters to reduce downtime and ensure on-time delivery of orders to achieve customer satisfaction with little cost. Turn on the Black Screen Mode while remote accessing to ensure company data security.

3. Simplify app management

The app management feature of AirDroid Business helps enterprises try test releases before deploying apps on official devices. It helps starters to ensure apps are bug-free and will not affect business operations. It also helps them remotely install and uninstall apps on devices and restrict employees from installing or removing the app without permission.

4. Bulk file management and notification 

AirDroid Business helps businesses share bulk files on multiple devices and delete data remotely. Admins can remotely copy, paste, or delete files on unattended devices.

With TLS encryption, data sharing is kept secure. Admins can create and push notifications on multiple devices and ensure the message is by the end-users by enabling the force reading function.

5. Automate IT workflow

AirDroid Business streamlines various business operations to help startups in managing business operations. Managing each task manually at the start of business becomes difficult due to the pressure of work. Workflow helps to automate certain operations when a geo-fence triggers an alert. It might include remote lockdown of the device, turning into power save mode when the battery is low, and factory reset.

6. Location tracking

The real-time location tracking feature of AirDroid Business helps enterprises track the location of devices and check location history. Admins can remotely lock down devices and wipe data once the device is lost or stolen.

7. Kiosk mode and secure policy

Kiosk mode allows businesses to offer their customers an interactive display for placing orders, performing transactions, and other tasks using single-app kiosk mode. Policy and kiosks help startups to reduce the risk of security issues by customizing device settings and restrictions like Wi-Fi settings, app allowlist and blocklists, password settings, and device limitations.


Starting a new business requires detailed insights into specific businesses and the tools that can help you grow the business. The use of mobile devices has become a crucial factor for businesses to grow. These devices not only help businesses improve productivity but also achieve customer retention. But smart devices can be a serious issue for your business if they are not efficiently controlled. MDM is the best tool to get control over your smart devices using a single dashboard.



Importance of mobile device management

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