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The Iconic History of Ford

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How This Auto Manufacturer Become One of the Best in the World

When it’s time to replace your current ride, you have a lot of options. However, there’s nothing quite like the reliability, affordability, and durability that a Ford vehicle can offer.

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For over 100 years, Ford has been a household name, thanks to its history and strong reputation in the automotive industry. When you get behind the wheel of a Ford vehicle, you’ll instantly appreciate its modern design, wide selection of technological features, and most importantly, its performance.

While you might be able to recognize the Blue Oval on the road, it’s likely that you aren’t familiar with just how this auto manufacturer rose to prominence. Ford Motor Company has completely transformed the automobile and manufacturing industries, producing cars made with nearly every type of driver in mind.

Here is the iconic history of Ford, and how to become an owner of one of these incredible vehicles at a used car dealership near you.

Where It All Began

With four bicycle wheels and a four-horsepower engine, Henry Ford built his first experimental car – called the Quadricycle – in Detroit in 1896. It wasn’t until 1903 that the Ford Motor Company was founded and released the very first Ford car, the original Model A.

Ford’s first big success, the Model T, was introduced in 1908. As the first affordable car for middle-class Americans, it quickly became a symbol of the country’s age of modernization.

Before it was surpassed by the Volkswagen Beetle in 1972, the Model T was the longest production run in automotive history, with nearly 15 million built between 1908 and 1927.

Because it was so high in demand, it completely transformed mass production in the United States.

How Ford Changed America

To manufacture the Model T in large quantities, Ford introduced new mass production methods and developed the industry’s first U.S. branch assembly plant in Kansas City, MO in 1911, as well as the manufacturer’s first overseas production plant in Manchester, England.

Ford established the first automotive moving assembly line in 1913, reducing the production time to just 1.5 hours. This allowed the company to reduce the price of the Model T, making it more affordable for the workers assembling it.

He improved labor productivity by doubling the existing pay for factory workers and decreasing the hours in a workday, referred to as the “$5 day.” This created a more stable workforce, forming what we now know as the American middle class.

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More Innovations from Ford

More Innovations from Ford Ford Motor Company

In the 1920s, Ford Motor Company purchased the Lincoln Motor Company and began to produce luxury cars. Ford also transferred its production operations to the River Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan, where it is still meeting the ever-changing needs of the auto industry today.

Ford also played an important role in aiding the Allies in World War II. Implementing the same mass-production techniques, Ford produced automobiles, planes, tanks, aircraft engines, and more.

Following World War II, Ford created some of its most notable vehicles. In 1948, the F-series line of trucks was introduced, with the addition of the Thunderbird in 1954 and the 1964 Mustang.

Ford continued to evolve, with operations in Asia and the creation of Ford Motor Credit Company, which provides car buyers with loans and leases. Ford also obtained other brands, like Mazda and Land Rover. In 1985, the Taurus contributed to a huge shift in automotive design with its improvements in quality and front-wheel drive design. The 1990 Explorer became one of Ford’s most iconic vehicles as more families strayed from station wagons and vans.

The 21st Century

In 2007, Ford introduced SYNC, a voice-activated, hands-free system that allows drivers to connect their phone with their vehicle. Since then, SYNC has been updated to meet new innovations in technology. In 2008, Ford successfully avoided bankruptcy and a government bailout when President Bush announced an emergency financial rescue plan involving the top three automakers.

To optimize fuel economy, Ford offered its line of turbocharged EcoBoost engines in 2009. And in 2014, the company released an all new design for the F-150, quickly making it one of the most popular pickup trucks in today’s market. 2020 was also a big year for Ford, as they announced an all electric E-transit and the return of the Bronco. In 2021, Ford released an electric F-150, called the Lightning.

Today, Ford remains a leader in the automotive industry, with vehicles offering the latest advancements in design and technology. From cars, trucks, to SUVs, there’s a make and model to satisfy the unique needs of every driver.

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Become a Proud Ford Owner

As one of the top auto manufacturers, you’ll find Ford vehicles at almost every used car dealership. And when you call one your very own, you’ll become part of Ford’s incredible history. To get started, just search “used car dealership near me” to find dealerships within your direct vicinity. Once you find one that catches your eye, you’ll be one step closer to exper

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