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The Growth Of Live Casinos In 2023

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The classic casinos and gaming houses have always been appealing to gamers across the world – but this enticement factor took a quantum leap when casinos started appearing online.

The convenience, safety and sheer variety of playing games of chance online has helped fuel a digital gaming revolution. Now millions of players are playing everything from slots to roulette, anywhere, anytime.

And this boom in the remote digital gaming industry shows no sign of abating. In fact, it seems to be getting stronger.

One of the biggest factors attracting more players online is the growth of live digital casinos offered by many providers.

What is live online playing?

Ordinary online gaming uses web pages and random number generators to create games that can be accessed via the internet or apps.

In a live casino game there is a real game, but it’s being filmed live and streamed to the players.

So the game’s cameras will show the croupier shuffling and dealing cards. At the same time the players are based in front of their screens, joining in remotely.

The footage of the game is instantly streamed to them and they can play the game in the normal way using additional special displays on their screen.

This means that the live game creates a much more realistic experience for players. In fact, it’s not far from the real thing.

In the last few years, this sophisticated live streaming technology has gradually crept into the online gaming world.

Initial glitches have been ironed out. Live playing technology is getting smoother and the games are getting more engaging all the time.

And that’s why live playing is attracting a whole new generation of players to online casinos.

What is live online playing live casinos

The live experience

Live casinos are always going to be more like a real-life casino than online games. The best web-designers’ graphics are unable to compete with live footage of a real human.

Most live games now involve seeing the croupier or dealer from various angles. It feels almost three-dimensional – and very realistic.

It means there can be proper interaction between the croupier or dealer and the player. The live game can really blur the lines between real casino games and online playing.

Live playing offers a proper real-life experience – but without needing to leave the comfort of the sofa at home.

Little wonder then that the owners of big expensive bricks-and-mortar are already worrying that the future may see fewer customers prepared to make the journey through their doors.

Will they still feel the need to travel to a real casino when a similar live experience is available on a smartphone?

The live experience live casinos

Choice of gaming formats

Players now have several ways of playing their favourite games of chance.

There are visits to real physical casinos, online games and live streaming. Customers like to have a choice – and now the world of gaming is giving them a great trio of ways to play.

The live casinos are now giving players more choice to add to the wide range of games featured at online gaming sites.

Interestingly, live play also attracts players looking for a more trustworthy experience.

All online games are tested and must be regulated in terms of fairness and security – but it seems players feel they can trust the game more if they can see an actual human.

Perhaps there is an innate distrust of computers. It seems that players need to see a human – even if it is a streamed figure of a casino employee on their screen.

Researchers have found the trust effect is more pronounced in games where the croupier or dealer is heavily involved, like roulette or blackjack. It is encouraging some new players to play live versions of those games.

Some players really appear to trust a streamed member of the casino staff more than an animated graphic.

The social aspect

Live dealer games also add a social aspect to the experience. Players are able to converse directly with the croupier.

If there’s a hitch or question, it can be answered immediately. There’s not even the need for a chat room or customer service desk.

Players can also interact with other players

In games like poker the interaction with others has always been part of the game. You must judge the strength of an opponent’s hand from tiny clues in their behaviour.

That’s much easier in live play than on a graphic internet page. Some players prefer the quiet anonymity of online, others like the interaction.

However, you play your favourite games of chance it’s all about having fun of course. There will those who love the glamour of a real casino, and we’ve seen a huge rise in the numbers of those who want to play online games.

Now there’s a third appealing option – and it seems there will be a big and growing audience for playing live casino games too.

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