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The Google Roadmap For The Next Two Years – Compete The Apple

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Google is competing with Apple and Samsung Ecosystems

Today, Google unveiled its product ambitions for the Android operating system through 2022, and several future upgrades are blatant copies of current Apple features. The new features will enable Google goods and Android phones to equal the features offered by Apple devices.

Integration of Other Products Like Apple

Earbuds would be able to pair with Android TVs and Chromebooks quickly, comparable to how the AirPods function with the Apple TV and the Mac, thanks to Fast Pair, a Google characteristic that enables Bluetooth items to instantaneously couple to an Android smartphone. Fast Pair is also expanding to wearables, speaker systems, Television sets, and smart home appliances.

Google smartphones will soon support automatic device shifting, an attribute Apple included in the AirPods. According to Google, it is developing technology that will enable Wireless earbuds to automatically switch audio to the gadget you are currently using. Google also has plans to add head tracking for multidimensional audio, which will adjust sound based on the head and eyes.

Google is integrating iCloud-style communications in addition to providing AirPods-like functionality to additional Google devices. Users of Chromebooks would be able to access chat apps via their Android cellphones without being required to install them, and photographs and videos will be automatically available on linked Chromebooks from Smartphones.

Integration of other products like apple google roadmap

Google is developing a tool that will enable Android users to quickly set up Bluetooth peripherals on their Windows PCs by putting an Android smartphone near to the PC. This function will synchronize text messages and data as well as enable for the quick configuration of Google devices. This is comparable to an Apple capability that lets new devices wirelessly replicate preferences and data from older ones.

Next Two Leaked Roadmap of Google Confirms the Duplication of the Apple and Samsung Ecosystems

In the next 2 years, Google apparently plans to introduce a number of goods, including a foldable smartphone. The Pixel series from the technology company has had its ups and downs, but recently, the 6 and 7 series have increased sales and established the brand, making users eager for what comes next. Google is said to be preparing to release a number of smartphones, according to a road map that Android Authority obtained.

The company will introduce the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, and Pixel 8 series in 2023. The Pixel 8a and three versions from the Pixel 9 series will be released in 2024. The Pixel 10 series and Pixel Clamshell Foldable will be offered for 2025. Each new model’s introduction will likely be influenced by how well the prior models did.

Given that Apple and Samsung offer similar products, Google intends to give them fierce competition with its next models.

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