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The Essentials of a Great Road Trip

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Road trips are fun to plan but they have their drawbacks. The first order of business is your car. It has to be ready for the long journey ahead. You don’t want to deal with a flat tire on a relaxing getaway, after all. Here are some road trip reminders, starting with the vehicle that will take you there.

Preparing Your Car

A Proper Tire Check-Up

Preparing your car

Make sure your tires have the right size and pressure for your car. A low tire may show a leak, so have it refilled and repaired as soon as possible. Aside from size and pressure, look out for wobbly tires, worn threads, and bald spots. It also never hurts to check the jack, wheel lock, and lug wrench in case


An easy way to check your battery level is through your headlights. Simply put, dim headlights mean you need more juice, while a bright light shows sufficient power. When running, a well-charged battery runs between 13.7 to 14.7 volts. Also, check on the battery itself for any leaks, or cracks, and if it’s firmly in place.

A Car Wash

You wouldn’t want to be caught driving a car that attracts attention for the wrong reasons. Besides the aesthetics, your vehicle’s mirrors should be clean. Spot for any cracks on the windshield and side mirrors, as visibility is important for any road trip. Make sure your wipers and fluids are also operational.

Pre-Road Trip Checkup

If time is of the essence, having a mechanic check your car is the best measure of car safety. Professional companies like Tooley Imports, who can check your engines, brakes, and vital parts of your car can save you time and money. They can also check for unusual signs you may not have noticed before.

Additional Essentials

Before a road trip, preparing your car should be a top priority. Aside from checking your wheels, here are other things to prepare for a more comfortable, and awesome journey.

A Good Sound System

Sound system in vehicle

You can spend hours on the road, and If you love music, a good sound system is a must. There are many vehicle upgrade providers that can assist you with the right car speakers and digital interfaces, depending on your vehicle.

Sleeping Masks and Pillows

Keep your eyes and back relaxed with comfortable sleeping gear to combat the confines of your car. Certain brands offer two-in-one services for added comfort and convenience.

Portable Battery Packs

Mobile phones come in handy not only for communicating in emergency situations but also for keeping your guests entertained. Having at least two of these around keeps your devices charged and ready to go.

Hygiene Essentials

Leaving the comforts of home can be dirty, so stock up on wipes, hand sanitizers, and tissues. You’ll never know what you may come in contact with as well as the rest stops thousands of people use every day. Also, consider trash disposal for waste inside the car.

Portable Car Starters and Road Assistance Kits

Emergency supplies like these make road trip emergencies less stressful and problematic. Road assistance kits provide you with supplies, like flashlights and first aid. A car starter can bring your battery back to life if you forget to shut off your lights or face an unexpected emergency.

Car Organizers

With the number of items you’ll be bringing, you want to make sure that everything stays in place to avoid making a mess. An organizer that can hold devices and other travel essentials makes things easier to find and allows for easier access.

Road trips are fun to plan, but it shouldn’t be only the planning that’s fun. Many people forget about checking their cars or bringing emergency supplies, which can ruin a memorable vacation trip. Remember to be prepared and check the essentials before embarking on your next adventure. You’ll never know when happens on the road.

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