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The “Black” Horse

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Pallavi (The “Black” Horse) – Owner of one of the most niche businesses in India – Hindi Lessons for foreigners in India – is a business that specializes in teaching Hindi as a foreign language to expats and foreigners visiting India.

She has taught 600+ Expats since 2011. She is currently retained by various foreign diplomatic missions and multinational corporations in Mumbai as an official Hindi Tutor for their staff and family members.

She is the youngest ever to be interviewed by Rajya Sabha Television, Parliament of India at the age of 25.

Pallavi moved out when she was 21 – a relatively young age in a cultural ecosystem which does not necessarily support or encourage to take risks and encounter failures.

Hindi lessons black

What Pallavi has managed to do is combat cycles of hurdles and slit open for herself an unprecedented trajectory. Its a ship with only one crew member onboard- the Captain.

Pallavi blackPallavi was born and brought up in Delhi – which later proved to be an asset for her business today.

“I knew I will not be able to fully exploit my potential if I decided to enter the very bureaucratic, very mechanical hierarchy set up in the work environment in India”..

“I would not use “pro-talent” while describing the “Indian” professional economy”.

Based in Mumbai now and her name being synonymous with “Learning Hindi”, it is her teaching methods that set her apart.

“Life is not easy as it is, why add-on something you don’t enjoy?”, she tells us that she has jokes and funny metaphors lined up to help her students.

Curious for an example, our editor requested Pallavi to share one such analogy. “Ok, I want people to remember everyday things easily ..so one of my One-liners is – “Everybody needs 3G’s in life – Ghar(Home), Gaadi(Car) & Girlfriend”. She’s funny!

Team Tycoonstory had a blast interacting with this vibrant, smart young woman out on a quest to do things her way and march ahead. If you want to say Hi, you can reach her at “Pallavi@hindilessons.co.in

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