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The Best Time and Attendance Software for Small Business

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Not only can you track your employees working time but also their leave, overtime by adhering to labor laws and compliances. Several best time and attendance systems can even help you with GPS tracking, scheduling meetings, and so on.

Moreover, integrating with your payroll software will help you in improving the loopholes in HR responsibilities and duties.

So, we have enlisted a few of them for your ease of use.

1. Rippling

Rippling time and attendance software

Rippling is the best time and attendance systems if you have a small business. Rippling offers easy streamlining of your daily workflow along with seamless integration with your payroll management. Setting up the software with automated workflows is easy and you can even customize it according to employee working hours.

But what makes it stand out from the rest. Rippling offers you to check your payroll in as little as 90 seconds. Gone are the days when you have to import/export a large number of excel data in your system. With its smart portability feature, Rippling counts the hours through your payroll module and calculates the exact working hours.

The other features include:

  • PTO tracking
  • Automated tax filing systems
  • Automated employee, tax, and labor compliances
  • Custom reporting
  • Easy payments solution

2. OnTheClock

On the clock time and attendance software

If you are having a business like an IT firm, construction, operations, then OnTheClock is the ideal solution for your business. The advantage of using OnTheClock software is that it provides real-time reports about your employee’s real-time location. Additionally, it also allows you in knowing their exact schedule for the entire workday.

Moreover, it also helps your employees to get an idea about their arrival time and departure time on their mobile devices.

This time and attendance systems also provide you with reports of your employee’s present location as per schedule, and who is not. The cutting feature of this software helps you check your employee’s work schedules, and where they should be present.

Other notable features include:

  • Project Invoicing and Cost schedule
  • Automated PTO and overtime tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Seamless integration with payroll management

3. QuickBooks Time

Quickbooks time advantage of quickbooks time

QuickBooks Time was earlier known as TSheets and tops the list of best time and attendance systems for small businesses. The beauty of TSheets is that it allows employers in tracking the workers on jobsites in the field.

The real advantage of QuickBooks Time is that it allows your employee to clock in using their mobile devices. Moreover, this software will also offer in tracking the real-time even without cell service or Wi-Fi.

The software also allows you to create a geofencing technology. Geofencing technology lets you know where your employees need to be present at the project site. The other features of this software include:

  • Time clock recognition
  • Quick books integration
  • Employee scheduling
  • GPS tracker with mobile app
  • Time tracking
  • Real-time reports

4. TimeClock Plus

Timeclock plus time and attendance systems

TimeClock Plus offers to track time in great ways and it is within your budget. The main USP of this time and attendance systems is that the hardware is a cut above the rest. The other advantage of this software include:

  • Web clock- Helps in managing online time
  • Biometric clock – Hand scanners and fingerprint scanner
  • Proximity clock – Enhances efficiency and speed
  • PIN clocks – For entry and check out
  • Barcode clocks – For scanning employees in an out time
  • Magnetic swipe – You can use it along with magstripe cards

Additionally, it also provides top-notch security for your small business. It restricts the entry of unauthorized personnel, building, or entrances. However, it works best for businesses that are large along with high-security needs.

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