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The Best Text Message Marketing Services For Small Businesses

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Best Text Message Marketing Services

Small businesses can find here the best text message marketing services. These are suitable taking into consideration the ease of use, pricing packages, good reviews, features, and customer support.

1. EZ Texting

Ez texting text message marketing

A Saas Company is EZ Texting. It provides text message marketing services to small businesses. It lets you send, create and monitor the SMS campaigns. It is reliable to connect, fast, and easy, besides having user-friendly interface. There is an array of tools combining to make a solid choice. There are powerful integration tools connecting your apps.

Key Features

  • Automated scheduling
  • Drip campaigns
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • MMS picture messaging

EZ Texting has four plans offering 200 credits/month. There are paid plans and top-tier plan with unlimited keywords at $374/month. They offer s risk-free 14-day trial and you can save with their annual plan around 20%.

2. Podium

Podium text message marketing

It is one of the best platforms allowing connecting with customers, encouraging engagement and improving engagement through SMS. This platform email marketing software integrates seamlessly, allowing automating good communication with your clients. The ability to encourage customers allows responding in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Elevated user engagement
  • Review tools
  • Google analytics integration
  • Easy-to-use interface

Podium has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating and users like it for its convenient use features. The Google reviews facility was a shining feature. They offer a trial period of 14-day. Ideal for small businesses and startups as it starts per month at $189.

3. Textedly 

Textedly provides marketing tools to help businesses connect through automated small message service tools for marketing. It is easy to schedule mass group texting or single text message through interface. The text-marketing tool, Textedly offer low price point, several useful features, and easy-to-use interface ensuring customer engagement.

Key Features:

  • Calendar management
  • Voice service
  • Automated SMS messages
  • Drip campaigns

Textedly users love the affordability, great customer service and automation.  They offer 50 messages, a free trial of 14-day and a custom keyword. Paid plans begin at $24/month, complimentary inbound text messages and a custom keyword. The plan has free 30,000 messages incoming per month.

4. Klaviyo 

Klaviyo  text message marketing

Klaviyo is the founder’s brainchild Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen. They design for e-commerce businesses. The segmentation and automation features allow you to send messages to targeted audience and to customer base as per the behaviors and likes. The platform is user-friendly and it offers certifications and several courses displaying ways to grow your business. It is one of the best text message marketing services.

Key Features:

  • ROI-based reporting
  • Data science and analytics
  • Flow builder and pre-built automations

Klaviyo users appreciate the platform scalability with due diligence and you get to design SMS/email flows with logic interlacing for a multifaceted approach. The scalable pricing is to get the cost an online estimator. You can plan for 250 texting contacts, each month.

5. SimpleTexting

Simpletexting text message marketing

You can get an intuitive dashboard with tools and automate your text to target right audience. The platform integrates with CRMs in a wide range and simple texting is a suitable platform to integrate with a range of CRMs, apps such as Mailchimp, and e-commerce platforms to create triggered messages easily or drip campaigns to offer customer engagement.

Key Features:

  • Automation tools
  • Two-way messaging
  • Segmentation tools

SimpleTexting offers reliability of the platform, due diligence and user-friendliness allowing building own SMS list. They offer four plans starting with $29 for 500 messages a month. They also offer a free trial of two-week with two-way conversations and 50 complimentary SMS messages and built-in apps.

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