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The Best Practice That Helps You to Get Accurate Moving Estimates

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At a certain point in life, a person needs to move because of reasons like job opportunities, a better lifestyle, schooling, or anything else.  Are you planning to move? We understand it can be a stressful and tiring task to go through. But for a successful move, it is crucial to hire a verified moving company like mod24.com.

To start the process, getting moving estimates, checking and comparing ratings and reviews is important. This can help you to make an informed decision and get the best deal. These experts provide a wide range of services like packing, loading, unloading, transportation, etc. and make sure you get the best experience. The leading moving companies listed with iMoving.com state that no matter it is a small-distance move or a long-distance move, in both cases, the moving process starts by hiring professionals.

Nowadays, there are spam movers out there who pretend to like movers but in actuality, they are robbers. You have to get rid of those scammers and if a mover is offering you attractive deals which does not seem feasible or without getting the details then it is a red sign therefore it also helps you to hire the right movers for you. You don’t only have to focus on the moving quote, you should also look at the quality of the services they provide.

Steps to follow:

Clearly state your moving needs:

When planning to get the moving quotes make sure that you know your needs at first. To get accurate price quotes from different movers, state the list of belongings you want to move, the distance to be traveled, your moving budget, and all other requirements. Giving the right details about your needs is a helpful more accurate estimate. Also, you should contact only those moving companies that provide free quote services because most reputable companies provide moving estimates for free.

Collect these earlier:

For better research and analysis to get the best deal out of all available, you need to start collecting the estimates as early as possible. The later you start the process the narrow the choices you will have because the movers get booked by others. Keep your choices wider so that you can select that professional mover who provides you with budget-friendly moving estimates. Also, try to coordinate with moving companies in the off-season so that you can save some of your moving expenses.

Fill out the forms in the limit:

Choosing moving estimate company

However it is recommended you to keep your choice wider so you can choose the best from many options. But you should fill out the limited forms like 3 to 4 is enough to get a good deal. Choose only the companies who provide you the moving estimate which lies in your budget else asking from companies out of your budget is just a waste of time.

Avoid getting on-the-phone estimates:

These are considered to be hassle-free but these estimates do not provide you accurate price quotes because a mover is not able to evaluate the size and weight of your belongings properly which you want to shift at the destination. On the other hand, in-person estimates give you a clear picture of charges you need to pay.

In this, a professional visits your house to evaluate all your belongings you want to shift which helps them to accurately provide the moving quote. These days, because of COVID-19, video calls have been preferred by movers to know the stuff present at anyone’s home to give an accurate estimate.

Don’t settle down for the lowest one you get:

Don’t think that the cheapest is always the best. It is not always the case. Sometimes, a more attractive deal can make you end up paying more. So, when you get the estimate, it is a good idea to ask about any hidden costs, if present. And if a quote does not seem feasible, again it is a red sign, not the best deal. Such movers are the robbers therefore you should have to take every step carefully.

Use the above practice to get the right estimates at the right time. This helps you to compare well to get the right deal according to your budget.

Understanding different types of relocation estimates:

According to Consumer Affairs, accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau), there are three types of relocation estimates and people must be aware of the same when planning to move

  1. Binding: In this, a mover provides fixed cost estimates based on the approximate weight of the customer’s possessions. Customers will have to pay that fixed cost no matter whether the actual belongings end up weighing more or less.
  2. Non-binding: In this, the cost has been charged based on the approximation of the weight of stuff given by the customers to them. As the name says, it is a non-binding agreement, therefore, the customers will have to pay additional money if the actual size of belongings ends up weighing more.
  3. Binding Not-to-Exceed: In this, a customer is supposed to pay a fixed cost even if the actual weight of possessions increases compared to the estimated weight of possessions. Also, if the belonging weighs less than the estimated weight of belongings then a customer will have to pay according to the actual weight.

Choose any of the above methods as per your preferences. Following this guide will help you get the best moving estimates and ensure that you have an affordable move. Comparing moving quotes is the best practice to ensure that you do not burn a hole in your pocket when relocating your house.

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