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The benefits of two-way radio here

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Walkie talkies are occasionally only required for a short period of time. Their requirements differdue to location, coverage required and length of time they’re needed for. This could be for short term events or construction projects.

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Two-way radio hire is a common choice for these industries due to the many benefits and services shown below. So, what are the advantages of two-way radio hire?

There are many benefits to hiring walkie talkies for those that don’t have a long-term requirement for them, but there are some types of radios that are also needed for a long term just like the police scanner radio. See the pros of radio hire identified by SFL Mobile Radio;

No long-term commitment –

Users won’t have to worry about the upkeep of their radio fleet or renew licencing fees when required. With short term hire, everything is taken care of for the user.

Have them only when they’re required –

Most events and construction projects are only temporary; occasionally organisations also require radio hire on short notice. With UK next day delivery, users can have their hired radios as early as the next working day. The radios will also be ready to use as soon as they arrive.

The user determines the hire length, meaning as soon as they are no longer needed they will be collected.

Saves money –

Hiring two-way radios is a budget-friendly way to get the best solution available. If the user is hiring licenced radios, the Ofcom licence is included. Saving the users the cost of licencing fees if the radios were purchased just for short term use.

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Two-way radio solution catered to the requirements, ensuring the best solution –

Two-way radio SFL Mobile Radio

Hiring a two-way radio solution will save money and the solution will be fully accommodated to the requirements and surroundings it will be used in.

An organisation may purchase their walkie talkies to be used for different events. Meaning the performance of the radios may differ as they aren’t guaranteed to be used in the same environment.

If they were hired each time, the user is guaranteed the best solution for the location.

Support and maintenance –

SFL Mobile Radio offers tailored hire packages from short to long term available,24-hour replacements on faulty items, and technical and maintenance support. There is state of the art equipment available and expert advice to provide the best hire solution.

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Knowing when to Hire or Purchase –

Two Way Radio hire is ideal for construction and events due to the changing locations and requirements. Purchasing walkie talkies would benefit users situated across permanent premises as the requirements and range of the walkie talkies are unlikely to change.

If licenced two-way radios are purchased, SFL Mobile Radio will apply for the Ofcom licence on the customer’s behalf. Taking away any additional admin for the customer and ensuring the radios are ready to use upon delivery.

SFL also offer maintenance packages to help further protect the investment of purchasing a two-way radio fleet. With different packages available to choose from to suit all budgets.

For further information on two-way radio hire and what solution would best suit your requirements, get in touch with the SFL team on 0151 334 9160.


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