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The Art of Brand Building: How to Develop Your Brand This Year

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Companies of today are doing their best to develop their brands. However, developing a brand can be challenging, especially if you’re new in the market. Still, with some creativity, advertising, and a good rewards program, you can build your brand in over a year.

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Branding is an important aspect of marketing. It is how you will develop a loyal consumer base, one that will continue to use your services or purchase your product every day. Many companies that don’t develop their brand will likely lose thousands of dollars in revenue every year. Sure, the need for branding can vary depending on your market, but many experts believe that you should invest a decent chunk of your funds into it.

But the question is: where do you start?


Creativity can come a long way when it comes to branding. Utilizing the right tools you have at the right time, especially during the pandemic, can make a difference in increasing your audience. However, this year, your creativity should be directed towards the pandemic. This should reflect in your packaging too. The best choice is to hire a reputed packaging design company

Pandemic-related Marketing Campaigns

Many companies are doing pandemic-related campaigns, with messages that include social distancing or reminding citizens to wear their masks before going out. You might have seen these campaigns everywhere, and there’s a reason why companies do this: to stay relevant.

Being relevant in today’s society plays a big role in your branding. If you just advertise and market yourself willy-nilly, you won’t get anywhere. People like advertisements and marketing campaigns that they can get along with. It’s been found that relevant advertisements are more likely to drive sales than generic advertisements.

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This is why you should develop a pandemic-related marketing campaign. It can be as simple as signage to remind people that your company cares with a compilation of quarantine protocols, or it can be as complicated as a full-blown advertisement. After developing a marketing campaign, it’s time to choose the right platform so that you can saturate your market.

Robust Advertising Platforms

Investing in robust advertising platforms should be your first move. The platforms included on this list are pandemic-friendly, which means that consumers will see your ads without risking themselves to the virus.

TV Ads

A huge majority of Americans still watch television, and a decent chunk of those watchers are very likely to purchase new items they see on the TV. This makes TV advertising a robust platform for brand building, especially if you target older consumers and those who love sports. Furthermore, these people believe that TV ads are more legitimate than the ads they find on the Internet, removing customer caution from the picture.

Radio Ads

Your industry and market make a huge difference when utilizing radio ads. For example, automobile company is more likely to do radio ads, because every vehicle has a radio. Malls and shopping centers are also likely to do this during the holiday seasons since local radio can give their services at a discount.

The size of your company also makes a difference. As a small company, radio ads are more appealing because they are cheap, require very little preparation time, and can be heard by a wide demographic.

Internet ads

Internet ads are the modern ads we have today. About 4.66 billion people in the world have access to the Internet. That’s a huge consumer base for anyone advertising on the Internet. However, there is a huge downside to this, and that is not everyone can see your ad, and even if they do, there is a huge chance you are not selling it in their country.

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Loyalty Programs

Build Brand Loyalty Programs

You should think of developing a loyalty program once you’ve established yourself as a brand. This is where you can make your consumers coming back to your company. Loyalty programs can be as simple as counting the number of visits and giving people an item during a given time period or as complicated as a loyalty app.

Your program choice depends entirely on you and your budget, so make sure to choose one that can fit your company.

Vaccine-related Programs

Lastly, we want to talk about vaccine-related programs. There are now many international companies such as Starbucks offering free products or services for those people who have been fully vaccinated. This is one way you can market your company during this company and staying relevant at the same time.

You don’t necessarily need to give free products or services. Instead, you can offer discounts or maybe a loyalty card to those who have been vaccinated. As more people are getting vaccinated in the U.S., and eventually the whole world, your audience can continue to expand.

You must continue to stay relevant this year if you want people to know your company. As long as you stay relevant, you will continue to build your branding no matter what. So concentrate on programs related to the pandemic, and keep choosing the right platform for you.

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