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The 10 Best Places for Business Meetings in NYC (UPDATED 2021)

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Finding a nice space to host your next NYC meeting is as cut-throat as the rest of the city and its business competition. Rather than scramble for a meeting place only to settle for undesirable, hole-in-the-wall solutions, utilize the spaces mentioned in this list of the ten best places for business meetings in NYC and score a flat to impress without running over budget.

A Word on Digital Convenience

Although finding affordable rooms in NYC is still tricky, thanks to the uptick in temporary stay accommodation websites and apps, it is easier to locate and define your search for an ideal business meeting location in the city or wherever you may be in the world. You are able to plug in the budget range, locations, and party accommodations you’re looking for, making it easier than ever before to find options that are customized for you and your business meeting needs. Using this protocol, here are ten options for hosting meetings in NYC, featuring accommodations for parties of different sizes.

1. The Nest at 530 7th Avenue

Appropriately named, The Nest is a small meeting venue for parties of four to six. The room includes desks and tables, coffee, speakers, and digital accommodations. You are granted access to video conferencing software for slideshow presentations and recording. This room is a practical solution for teams looking for accommodations without outrageous fees. Book the room for $70 an hour or $630 for the day.

2. Room Cedar at 26 Broadway

Consider Room Cedar, at 26 Broadway on the third floor of the building. Conference tables, a lounge area, Wi-Fi, and a bathroom are on-site for your convenience. The total square footage is 1080, suitable for parties of eighteen. There are no restrictions toward filming or photography production, making this space an ideal choice for those with creative business objectives. Expect to pay $150 per hour or $1350 per day.

3. The Downtown Forum: Small Business Meeting Spaces in NYC

Ideal for presentation-style meetings, The Downtown Forum, located at 441 9th Avenue, hosts thirty people in a room oriented around a projector. The 940 square foot room is ideal for conferences and presentations limited to utilizing small business meeting spaces in NYC. Expect to pay $310 per hour or $2,480 per day to use this room for your next meeting. Standard hours, 9–5 pm, are applied. You will have access to Wi-Fi and bathrooms and need an ID (government-issued only) to check-in.

4. Conference Room at 42 Broadway

If your team is looking for a bargain situation, look no further than the conference room on the twelfth floor of 42 Broadway. The space accommodates ten people and costs only $35 per hour or $280 per day to book the room. Standard business hours apply. The room is only 150 square feet, explaining the price point, but it can technically serve ten guests at a time, making it a cost-effective choice for medium parties who don’t want to break the bank.

5. The Midtown Meeting Room, 320 West 28th Street

For parties of up to twelve, head out to The Midtown Meeting Room at 320 West 26th Street. You will be accommodated Monday through Sunday from 12 am to 11:30 pm with chairs that face towards a screen that can be used for slideshow and video purposes. Expect to pay $200 per hour or $1500 a day to book the room. You must use the space for a minimum reservation of 4 hours. This space is one of the few that offers access on Sundays. If you have irregular business hours, this may be a practical solution for you and your next meeting.

6. The Industrial Suite

For teams of fifty people, book a meeting slot at The Industrial Suite, located at 118 Broadway on the 4th floor. Standard business hours apply. You will have to fill a reservation for a minimum of 2 hours. To account for the 1500 square feet of space, expect to pay $250 per hour or $2000 a day to book the room. This room has been updated recently and is an appropriate choice for business casual to business formal events.

7. The Uptown Forum

On 441 9th Avenue, you and your team can book The Uptown Forum room to host your meeting for 30 people. Standard business hours apply, and you will have Wi-Fi accommodations to assist you during your meeting. There are options to visit the space for free beforehand, and you can expect to pay $310 an hour or $2480 a day to book the room for the minimal reservation time. Reach out to the space advisor to see if you can schedule an in-person or virtual tour of the room before booking.

8. Event Space on Madison

For large parties of 150, host your meeting at the Event Space room at 135 Madison Avenue. The space offers 15000 square feet of room for meetings and presentations—Wi-Fi and a bathroom on-site. You can expect to pay $600 an hour or $4,800 a day to book the room. Keep in mind that this event space is used for other events like weddings and celebrations, so the look of the space is clearly reflective of events beyond business meetings. Likewise, the area borders on the line of business casual. If your business is looking for something more formal or minimalistic for focusing, you might want to consider other options. Again, if your business is in the photography or filming industries, a space like this is more appropriate for hosting meetings and work-related events. Not all rooms allow for creative activities, but event spaces and multi-purpose rooms throughout the city are certainly around to support these objectives.

9. Room Olive on 26th Broadway

Located on the 3rd floor, Room Olive offers accommodation for parties of 4 or less with 240 square feet of space for meetings. Hours of access are Monday through Friday from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 pm. Wi-Fi and bathrooms are on-site. Expect to pay $70 per hour or $630 a day for these accommodations. This room is casual with furniture that has not been updated recently. If you simply need a place to meet, this is an affordable solution for teams of four or fewer. If you’re looking for something that has been updated recently and gives off a modern vibe, consider other small-scale rooms on this list. Given the lack of modern appeal, this room is a cheaper option for business teams looking to save while still remaining productive with work.

10. Room Office 16 at 10 E 39th Street

For parties of six or less, head over to 10 E 39th Street to find Room Office 16, a conference and business workroom open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday. The workroom has Wi-Fi, coffee, water, and bathrooms on-site. Expect to pay $63 an hour for the space, but make sure you are also prepared to reserve the area for a minimum of 8 hours at a time to book the room at all. Many event space and workspace units are located in the same buildings or are owned by the same management agencies, explaining the reservation requirements. Like you, these businesses have to make sure that they are making the most of their time. To do so, these room management businesses have to ensure that they are earning enough per reservation, which is why the minimum reservation requirements are set in place.

A Word on Booking Rooms in NYC

If you’re still having trouble narrowing down a meeting space that your team can afford, you can reach out to secondary rental arrangements through ad placement sites. You might be able to find an independent owner open to renting out a space in their home or building for your meeting. Keep your eyes open for possible solutions as you navigate the city. Remember that one of the reasons NYC is so difficult to locate is because so many opportunities rest there. In other words, there is space out there for you and your team if you continue looking. Don’t settle!

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect spot to host your next meeting is a big ask, considering the population and hectic utilization of the city. You may not find your dream meeting space, but you can find solid options with prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Choose the spaces that are most appropriate for your party size, and you will only pay as much as you need to accommodate your meeting effectively. The price brackets for these rooms are steep for those unfamiliar with NYC pricing. Nevertheless, these rooms do offer some of the most affordable rates as of late for the region. If you need a meeting room right away, we highly recommend looking into these options as they are tailored to suit parties of all sizes in ways that are as budget-friendly as they can be, given the demands of the city.

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