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Techware Hut’s innovative Paradigm Shift

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Based in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, Techware Hut was conceptualized during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world economic landscape had drastically altered as the pandemic spread worldwide. Small businesses everywhere were struggling to keep up and stay afloat. However, the larger enterprises had their own capital and other sales channels to keep them going.

Concerned about this paradigm shift, the founder, Rupinder Sidhu, envisioned enabling small and medium-sized companies through technology. Any brick-and-mortar business needs huge investment and influence to compete with big players; however, advanced technology can set them on par or, at times, ahead of the biggies. Techware Hut came to life in late January 2021.

We strongly believe that small business is essential to the economy. Our mission is to help local and small businesses become more efficient through the use of technology. Our experts sit down with the business owner to understand the problem statement and suggest effective custom software solutions, including Android, iOS, or Windows-based mobile application development.

The challenging times faced during COVID-19 have inspired us to make technology available at an affordable cost through our offshore development model.

Rupinder was born in Kolkata, India, although he is now a permanent resident in Canada. Techware Hut has a strong team with a mix of individuals from sales, marketing, and technical backgrounds. The team soon realized the need to build a strong technical team of highly skilled professionals.

Techware Hut entered into a partnership with Ivan Infotech, which specializes in software and app development and is a leading IT service provider with delivery centers across the world.

We are now much more capable to provide effective UI/UX design to our Canadian customers. Get ready to elevate user experience with Augmented Reality, Predictive Analysis, recommendations engines, Chat bots and  face recognition.

Within its first year of business, the company has won some key projects. One of them involves connecting to a custom Bluetooth peripheral and another is developing an app to automate the internal work scheduling of a local Ontario-based business.

How do you feel about spending almost a year in business?

“Often people mistake measuring success with just revenue or profit; although we are profitable in the first year of business, there are some key takeaways from the year. We started with just a business plan and a vision to enable small business growth with technology. Had no clients, no social media presence, no revenue, and no reviews.

Now we have an established business process and have added 3 new clients with a couple of great projects in the pipeline. We have built a strong social media presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. Also profitable in the first year of business with strong cash flow and a certificate of excellence on Bark.”

What support do you need from the public and customers?

Techware hut software paradigm shift techware hut

“We need help to spread more awareness around how software can help businesses thrive and prosper in the modern business environment. Small businesses get a level playing field when the competition is online with the biggies. It does not need as significant an investment as often understood, and benefits can start rolling in a lot sooner.”

We have a positive cash flow and, at present, are not looking for any investors.

Message to your customers and viewers

“Small business is essential to the economy. Think big, shop small!

Follow our social media handles to learn more about how software can help your business grow and streamline your process.”

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