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What is Blue VPS: Benefits of Using Blue VPS for your business

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Virtual Private Server, shortly known as VPS, is a hosting service that uses virtualization technologies. It allows you to get dedicated resources on a server that is more stable and secure. Moreover, VPS provides methods to split one powerful server into multiple virtual servers. Nowadays, several companies offer VPS hosting in markets for your business and you should evaluate them with more attention. The Blue VPS is one among them which offers the best services for your business. It is helpful for your business to create and increase a lot of traffic on your website with minimal resources.

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What are the advantages of using Blue VPS?

1. Improved and better speed

The primary advantage of Blue VPS is that enables visitors to access your website at high speed. Moreover, it lets you optimize easily which can improve the performance of your website to a large extent. Another thing is that it offers customized configurations which will help experience the best results.

2. Easy installation

Easy installation Blue VPS

With Blue VPS hosting services, you can set up a server instantly in locations that are having the same network that provides convenience and comfort to customers. They are suitable for your business that will help get the desired outcomes.

3. Provides VNC access

The Blue VPS provides Virtual Network Computing (VNC) access for your business that will help connect to a remote computer anywhere as soon as possible. Another thing is that it facilitates troubleshooting on remote desktops thereby helping to increase productivity.

4. Guaranteed disk space

The company guarantees you to get 7 GB to 2 TB disk space over the servers. Not only that, you will get 5 TB to unlimited bandwidth on Linux and Windows operating systems. It gives ways to ensure 99.9% of uptime of the website.

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5. KVM virtualization

The Blue hosting server utilizes KVM virtualization for your business and you can use the same as a dedicated server. It is an open-source virtualization technology mainly designed for Linux that supports live migration. Besides that, KVM virtualization improves stability and performance.

6. 24/7 customer support

The Blue VPS offers dedicated 24/7 customer support for your business and you can contact the company anytime if you have any issues. It is available through email, via live chat, via live phone, etc. You can also generate an open ticket on its official website which is available in different languages.

7. Software freedom

Software freedom Blue VPS

Many shared hosting plans don’t allow you to operate certain software when you want to improve efficiency. On the other hand, Blue VPS allows you to choose your desired platform.

8. A wide range of plans

The Blue VPS offers a total of 28 different and unique plans for both Linux as well as Windows. You can select a plan which exactly fits your business. Also, you can use Blue VPS coupons & promo codes for getting discounts. You can check the details online that will help you choose a plan at cheaper prices.

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9. Improved security

Shared hosting is not the right option for your business because it will lead to security problems. However, Blue VPS allows you to ensure high security that helps prevent threats to a large extent.

10. Long-term configuration

The Blue VPS hosting service offers long-term configuration when you expand your business. It enables you to get the required resources that will help match your requirements.

11. Adaptability

Sometimes, a server will undergo crashes due to a surge in traffic, and having the Blue VPS offers solutions for overcoming the issue significantly. It is possible to upgrade the same as soon as possible which will help run your business with high success rates.

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