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HomeTechnologyWhat are the benefits of having an LG microwave oven?

What are the benefits of having an LG microwave oven?

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If you are considering purchasing an LG microwave oven, you probably want to know what gives it an edge over other microwave brands before you hit the ‘purchase’ button. LG, the South Korean home appliance and personal gadget manufacturer, clearly has tremendous confidence in the market demand for its home appliances. Earlier this year, the company made headlines while announcing plans to change its smartphone manufacturing units into home appliance manufacturing units. If you intend to own an LG home appliance — and an LG microwave oven, in particular, you can expect the following benefits.

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Long-lasting models

 Home appliances are long-term investments, and one wouldn’t want to keep purchasing new models every other year. It’s not just about the new microwave oven price, but also about getting used to it in terms of its operation. LG microwave ovens are said to last for 9 to 10 years, according to most users!

Wide range of prices and models

 You can get an LG microwave for a price tag ranging from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 34,000. There are about 30 models to choose from across different segments, from the budget to mid-range and high-end models. The benefits of purchasing a microwave from a brand that offers such a wide assortment of models are manifold. For instance, you can most likely get a model with the exact features and price you are looking for, and you might not see the same model in everyone else’s kitchens.

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Good deals

Good Deals Wide range of prices and models

 Owning an LG microwave under ongoing offers implies that you get a complimentary health check-up through online consultation with doctors that the brand has tied up with and other benefits totalling up to Rs. 20,000!


 The fact that we are constantly clicking pictures of everything we see, do and eat means that aesthetics have taken on greater significance than ever before. LG has a wide range of microwaves in various hues and some of them even come with additional floral artistic elements that add to their desirability.

Charcoal lighting heater

 LG’s latest range of microwaves come with its trademark charcoal lighting heater, which gives your dishes a crisped exterior and a sumptuously juicy interior without interfering with the natural flavours of the ingredients.

Healthy heart auto-cook menu

 Today, even if the microwave oven’s price hits rock bottom and even if the appliance is targeted at budget consumers, most microwaves boast an auto-cook menu. The higher the microwave oven price, the wider the choice of auto-cook menu options. LG microwave ovens boast a dedicated menu for those seeking a cuisine that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle — more specifically, a healthy heart. Apart from this feature, there is a regular auto-cook menu as well, with a wide range of regional dishes included for a culinary journey within the safety of your own home.

Homemade ghee

 Homemade seems to be the flavour of the post-pandemic world, with people churning out butter, cookies, and their own bread at home. Ghee is yet another item on this list and LG promises it can be achieved in as little as 12 minutes.

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Special roti feature

 Rotis are as varied as India’s various cultures and a lot of people within the same family might have different preferences when it comes to rotis. Some like them thick and wholesome; some want them paper-thin; some love a few extra dark spots for that yummy charred flavour. The latest range of LG microwave ovens let you prepare 12 different types of rotis with the Roti Basket feature.

Diet fry feature

 There is no need to deprive yourself of samosas, bhajjias, pakoras and other mouth-watering deep-fried delicacies anymore! LG’s latest microwave oven models come with a diet-fry feature that allows you to prepare all of our most popular and crispy (typically deep-fried) treats with minimal oil.

Barbeque at home

 Get your dose of chicken tikka and tandoori paneer right in your own home. Have a barbeque night at home with the family or invite a few friends over to bond over the delicious, evenly done dishes that your LG microwave oven’s 360-degree motorized rotisserie offers.

Now, get the microwave oven that makes all of your dreams come true and bring all your cravings to the table! Don’t worry about the price; break out of your budget constraints by utilizing your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, which lets you pay for gadgets and appliances in pocket-friendly monthly instalments, with flexible tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months.

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