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Ways Modern technology changed the world!

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Do you remember the first time you held an Apple device? Wasn’t it a piece of jewel? How about the blackberry? Didn’t the phone sound and look like a stunner? Even when these phones could break your pocket, they were famous and were owned by thousands of people.

Gadgets and technology have always had a prominent impact on the way we do business. With this being said, here are few modern technologies that revitalized industries forever.

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LAMP stack 

Have you come across the LAMP stack? Well, this is nothing but the combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. When the technology was first released, it took markets by a storm. Indeed, this was one of the most successful technologies of all time. It was groundbreaking for its cheap but efficient nature. Most companies didn’t have any deployment issues with the LAMP stack.


When Salesforce.com was launched in the year 1999, it faced serious competition. This CRM tool had an on-premise model. By the end of 2011, it was able to manage nearly 45 billion records. Today, it is one of the biggest data stores on the planet. A major reason behind the success of salesforce was its ability to scale.

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Can anyone forget the use of “pdf”? This is the brainchild of Adobe. The portable document made sending and receiving crucial documents easy. Every day, nearly a hundred million pdf files are exchanged around the world. These files work perfectly in mobile and desktop devices. In fact, they have become a de facto standard in the finance and banking industries.


credit card reader for Android

The revolution of Bluetooth technology is booming on a daily basis. Every time you think about connectivity, Bluetooth is likely to help. Currently, many companies are working on models that need low power, and are extremely fast. Bluetooth technology offers the ability to connect within a short-range distance. Recent scholarly articles reveal that technology will soon enter the financial sector too. For instance, wouldn’t it be great to have a credit card reader that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth?

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Last but certainly not least, you have virtual private networks. These have turned into the finest fixtures for data centers. In the beginning, businesses had to rely on insecure lines. This was a problem for businesses that strongly depend on security. With the advent of modern technologies like VPN, execution and connectivity became easy for these businesses.

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