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Top Business Ideas Based on Blockchain Technology

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According to the latest data, the revenue distribution of the global blockchain market was distributed in favor of the banking industry which has a market share of almost 30 percent. The flexibility and security that blockchain provides, show that now is the best time to start developing its business administration. Every business management today can use blockchain for different purposes in different industries.

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First of all, blockchain can significantly affect the profits of the e-commerce sector. For example, you can create your own cryptocurrency or use the existing ones to reward customers for reviews, testimonials, and recommendations of your products. Then you can simply give them the opportunity to pay for their goods and services with this money.One of the main advantages is that blockchain facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers in a transparent way, and also reduces high payment processing fees by offering security and speed. For the seller, blockchain allows a control of the inventory available in the store and in real time, avoiding delays in deliveries.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

Cryptocurrency exchange is a new stage in the development of business management. At the same time the owner of such an exchange has the opportunity to conduct secure transactions that are completely trustworthy. The way to earn money here will be by charging a commission for depositing, withdrawing and transferring cryptocurrencies. According to Forbes, there are now more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies in the crypto space with a combined market capitalization of more than $289 billion. Of course, in order to do that you would need the help of a competent lawyer, start-up capital and a proper business analysis service.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Blockchain

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Crypto Gaming Platforms

Lack of transparency and security have partly tarnished the reputation of online gaming platforms. At the same time, the market for such platforms and the demand for them is constantly growing, especially since the pandemics began. A successful startup can integrate such a gaming platform with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Players on such platforms will be able to place bets, or exchange and buy cryptocurrency during the game if they need to. On these online gaming platforms, you can spend your time online enjoying your favourite games or sports without having to worry about security. Furthermore, you will find many exciting bonus offers with fair terms and conditions.

Bitcoin Vending Machines

Creating a network of vending machines with bitcoin payment is a relatively new and exciting idea for a blockchain based on business administration. Cryptocurrencies, in one way or another, are constantly sneaking into our lives. The network of bitcoin machines is convenient because there is no need to process cash, which means that more shopping malls or other outlets will be happy to install such machines instead. And in such vending machines it will be possible to sell anything from food and drinks to newspapers and souvenirs.

Crypto Recommendations Platform

The number of people who want to participate in cryptocurrency business is growing every year. Many would like to have knowledge and guidance on how to build a cryptocurrency foreign investment portfolio. Creating a platform that solves these problems and helps determine foreign investment can be one of the most lucrative blockchain businesses. At the same time it is not necessary to be an IT specialist in order to create such a platform. It would be enough to choose a reliable software development company and order the corresponding software development services from them.

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Crypto Support Management Service

If you are well versed in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain system in general, it will not be difficult to become the boss of managing your client´s assets. Your earnings here will be the opportunity to help other users make use of their digital investments effectively. In other words, you are becoming a specialist in financial operations in the field of cryptocurrencies. You can sell financial planning services, provide foreign investment advice, or analyze a client’s portfolio. Moreover, you can do it remotely, without needing to have a physical contact with the client, which means your clients can be from any part of the world.

In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain business is growing day by day and the possibilities are endless.

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