This smart jacket comes with GPS tracker, push notification

Although it has 29 different features, the Hallam jacket looks like any other jacket.

Imagine having a smart jacket that offers not just one, two, or three, but 29 different features.

A Hallam jacket, created by Manhattan-based startup company Hallam P New York, may appear to be the same as any regular jacket, but it is actually equipped with unique functions like an anti-theft feature, push notification, LED lights, as well as features like an additional battery, key chain and tripod.

Available in hoodie, varsity and wool styles and in four different jacket types, reported that Hallam jackets also come with a portable charger, earphone wire and the ability to make an emergency call. Its smart pockets are also equipped with slim NFC chips that are able to play music automatically when connected to a handset.


Travelers will especially adore this item as it has a built-in neck pillow, blindfold, gloves, as well as pockets that could be utilized to store eyeglasses, passports and credit cards. Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts will enjoy using the jacket’s Smart type that comes with a Bluetooth badge that will turn on an alarm when the user’s smartphone is placed 10 meters away from the jacket. This badge also allows wearers to receive app notifications, messages, incoming calls, as well as utilize a selfie wireless control.

The jacket is also washable, though users will need to remove its electronic components, such as the Bluetooth badge, LED lamp and battery.

The product is said to be retailed starting at US$180 on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. (mas/kes)

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