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Should A Robot Mop Be The Next Addition To Your Smart Home?

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Cleaning is a task that everyone can do without; it takes time out of your day and uses up energy that could be put to better use. And now your life can be made easier by eliminating the need to mop the floor.

Have a look at the new smart home device taking the market by storm.

What Is A Robot Mop?

Robot mops work in a similar way to smart hoovers, only you’ve guessed it, they mop the floor instead of hoovering.

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Smart mops spay the floor in front of it using the precision jets at the machine’s front. The robot then works its way over the wet floor with the scrubbing brush at the bottom of the robot mop.

Any leftover water is sucked away or left to dry depending on the machine.

The robot mops work with an array of sensors that help the robot navigate and assess the level of dirt.

Your Robot Mop Buying Guide

As with any purchase, buying a robot mop is no small task. There are so many options out there. The problem is some of the options don’t provide the best cleaning abilities or features:

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Smart Mapping

Smart mapping is a highly sort after feature for people that have multiple rooms that need mopping. It allows the robot mop to map each individual room of the home so that you can schedule specific rooms for cleaning.

Cleaning Modes

One of the best things about robot mops is some of them have multiple cleaning modes. This makes them more of a complete robot maid. They can complete tasks like dry mopping, wet mopping, and vacuuming.

Battery Life

You need to know how the battery can last, especially if it doesn’t have an auto-charge feature. Knowing how long the battery lasts means you can get it back on charge as quickly as possible.


This is one of the most popular features of robot mops. When the battery is getting low, the mop will make its way back to the base for charging. This stops you from having to look for the robot mop every time you want to use it.

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Cleaning Techniques

To make sure your floor is left sparkling after each clean, the robot mop uses various cleaning techniques. This could be things like ‘spot mode’, which makes the robot concentrate on one specific area.


Some things can’t be mopped, like rugs and carpets, and this can make it tricky for a robot mop, especially if you have multiple surface types in one room. Being able to set boundaries will stop the robot from going where it shouldn’t.

Mobile App

The main advantage of a robot mop is using your phone to control it. You’re looking for an easy to use and intuitive app for the best user experience. If it doesn’t provide them, it’s going to make the purchase suffer.

Imprint Technology

This lets two robots from the same brand, communicate with each other. For example, once your robot hoover finishes cleaning it will send a message to your mop to let it know it’s time to start work.

Recommend Robot Mop Brands

As mentioned before, finding the right robot mop can be pretty challenging. There are so many brands out there that don’t live up to the hype.

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So, here are some of the top robot mop brands you should take a look at:


iRobot is one of the most popular brands of automated cleaning robots. They use intelligent cleaning methods to ensure your floor is left spotless. This is due to the patterned cleaning system within.

One of the best things about iRobot mops is they can use imprint technology to work with other robots. This means once the hoover has done its job, the robot mop will start cleaning to ensure everything is sparkling.

The iRobot mops come with brilliant apps, making it super easy to control and schedule the robot. But the biggest problem is the price; they can be up to three times more expensive than other brands.


It’s another robot mop at a competitive price, especially when you consider it’s a three in one device. They can dry mop, wet mop, and hoover the floor, which means you only need to buy one device.

They use a precision jet at the front of the robot, which sprays the solution in front of the mop. From there, the robot uses a vibrating/spinning microfiber cloth. This can be changed and cleaned at any point.

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There are many models of iLife robots, but the best is the Shinebot W400. It comes with the most complete features like voice alerts and a separate tank for clean and dirty water. This makes the machine bigger than most robot mops.


Roborock is a powerful 2-in-1 cleaning machine that uses a powerful motor to power the system. It features a side brush that helps the robot get into the corners and a 2,000Pa motor to suck away any debris.

Once the hoovering has been taken care of, the robot will make its rounds with the mop. The robots use over 13 sensors to ensure they can clean the house quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about the robot getting stuck or bumping into things.

Most of their robots come with six cleaning techniques to ensure your floor is clean with every run. One of the best features is the pricing, it’s very affordable considering how powerful it is.

Wrapping Up

Smart mops are a great purchase if you get it right. Ask yourself what you want from the mop. For example, does it need to be able to hoover, or are you just looking for a mop?

Have a look at the buying guide above to see which features suit you best and plan your search from there.

As you can see in this article by Automated Outlet, iRobot seems to be the brand most people opt for. The problem is, it can cost a lot of money.

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