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Meet What Could Be The Smallest Cybersecurity Device In The World

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Cybersecurity is the science and practice of protecting computers, networks, servers and other electronic devices against cyberattacks. Cybersecurity has become a major focus of national governments around the world.

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As a result of this growing threat, researchers have begun looking into innovative ways to detect and prevent attacks. One of these new technologies is tiny cybersecurity devices that can be attached to almost anything you own. The idea behind these devices is that they can be placed in areas where they are most likely to be attacked or compromised, such as on your computer or phone.

These devices often use Bluetooth technology to connect them with your device so that they can send an alert if it detects any abnormal activity in your area. Once the device has sent an alert, it will then notify your phone so that you can take action accordingly.

The best way to protect your online business against cybercrime is to take simple precautions. Here are some of the smallest cybersecurity devices that you can use as an entrepreneur.


A cyber-bug is a small, battery-powered device that can be inserted into a computer system to monitor for malicious software.

The cyber-bug, which has been developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, is about one-tenth of an inch wide and can be inserted into a computer system via USB port or Bluetooth. It monitors how the system is being used by any unauthorized programs and sends instant alerts to the user if there are any issues. This ensures that a hacker cannot get their hands on your sensitive information without you even knowing about it.


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Eddystone Beacon

The smallest cybersecurity device in the world, that can do everything your average router can do but also act as a firewall, is the Eddystone Beacon. The Eddystone Beacon is a short-range Bluetooth low energy (LE) transmitter that lasts for up to five years and transmits its unique ID every time it sends or receives data. This allows other devices to identify it by its ID and interact with it, such as an endpoint security system or a mobile device.

The Eddystone Beacon weighs just 20 grams, which makes it easy to attach to any part of your body or even your vehicle so you can always stay connected.


Flocker is a tiny, credit-card sized device that plugs directly into a computer’s USB port. It has a small battery, which powers an array of sensors and other components that monitor and record keystrokes, mouse movements, network activity, and other information about a user’s computer.

The data collected by Flocker is encrypted and sent over an encrypted link to an online service called Veracrypt. The data is then uploaded to Amazon Web Services’ cloud storage service where it can be accessed by researchers around the world.

The UW team says this approach offers several advantages over traditional antivirus programs:

  • It is cheaper than traditional antivirus software since you only pay for what you use
  • It doesn’t require installation or maintenance
  • You don’t need to worry about updates because Flocker updates itself automatically when new malware threats are detected
  • It does not slow down your computer since it only monitors activity on your machine and sends everything

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Cylance CybRAT

Cylance CybRAT is an open source tool that aims to protect an online business and consumers, and any other networking device like a computer from cyberattacks by detecting malicious software before it can do damage.

It was designed by Cylance, an artificial intelligence company based in San Mateo, Calif., that also makes antivirus software called Proactive Cybersecurity.

Cylance says its platform can detect malicious code in seconds, compared with days or even weeks for other products on the market today.


One of the smallest cybersecurity devices in the world, the ANT-100 tiny security robot, is a small, low-cost and versatile security tool that can be used in homes and offices. It is able to detect intruders, record footage and send alerts via an app on your phone. The ANT-100 uses sensors to monitor its environment and has multiple modes of operation including self-defense mode, intruder detection mode and alarm mode.

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