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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Home Technology Introducing Digital technology into agriculture

Introducing Digital technology into agriculture

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Digital technology has brought the entire world together. Today, the world is more connected than ever. Mobile devices are faster, more efficient, and truly cheaper. This is why every other industry has scope for the digital revolution. Digital tools can help you make more informed decisions. You will be able to predict, schedule and plan daily tasks in a more professional manner. The benefits of the digital revolution are not limited to sophisticated businesses like baking and information technology. But, farmers and agricultural trade can also make use of digital technology.

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Many times, farmers find it difficult to manage huge lands, processed, and livestock. It is important to invest in systems that can actually make a difference in their work. Big or small, digital technology can help in areas like planning, marketing, automation of farm activities, and monitoring.

Digital technology can be applied with agricultural machinery, communication and agronomics.

With this being said, here are few ways your farmland can evolve with the help of digitalized solutions.

Farm management! 

First things first, farmers need to keep track of their livestock, land, and feeding programs. All these aspects need to be documented, monitored and planned ahead of time. Fortunately, there are many applications to help in these areas. When you start to integrate mobile technologies and applications into your daily farming routine – lifetime traceability of your livestock will become much more efficient and accurate. This helps in managing diseases, access to the market, and the eventual reputation of the farm.

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Fleet Tracking 

Indeed, digital technology plays an important role in fleet tracking. Both GPS and digital technology are used to monitor fuel consumption and vehicle movements. Along the way, you will be able to build a reliable communication channel with the farm supervisors and drivers.

Drones and remote monitoring 

Drones and remote monitoring

Many times, farmers wonder if they can check on water levels and plant quality without visiting the actual site. With digital solutions can you can achieve this. When your farm spans across several acres, you can use farming management protocols and solutions to check water, inspect soil quality and even ensure if all the plants are doing well. All these pieces of information will be collected and shown in your mobile devices.

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Additionally, you can take advantage of drones. Though expensive, drones have given digital technology the leap it needs. It helps in gathering huge volumes of data from the “actual” site. According to stats, many farms have already started using drones for checking water, feeding stock and monitoring crop health.

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