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Home Technology How Can Technology Reduce Workplace Stress?

How Can Technology Reduce Workplace Stress?

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Workplaces are considered to be the most hostile environments in a person’s life. This is because of the constant push to achieve goals. This leads to increased competition between staff, and might even bring about workplace stress. This is a type of workplace anxiety that characterizes places of work and causes employees to always be on edge. Workplace stress is not good for your health and you shouldn’t be allowed to build up in the body. One of the saving graces that has come along in technology. Through these advancements, work has been made easier and workplace stress alleviated. these are some of the ways through which technology has reduced workplace stress.

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1: It has enabled the easy organization of work schedules

There’s always a risk of someone being double-booked because they didn’t check their calendar before agreeing to a suggested time. This then causes more workplace stress because the meeting needs to be rescheduled. Calendar connectivity through technology means that this process can be automated, preventing double-bookings, and avoiding any stress the process could cause.

2: Speeding up processes in the workplace

How Can Technology Reduce Workplace Stress?

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As a hiring manager can spend as many as 20 hours a month organizing interviews. Automating this process gives you as a hiring manager more time to spend on other tasks, saves interview panelists from having to constantly flit between their calendar and emails, and it also enables potential workers to easily schedule their interviews discreetly. Another process that can be automated is the organization of staff appraisals. In large organizations, this process can be particularly time-consuming. However, when employees are calendar connected, the software can work out the best times for an employee to meet their manager and automatically add the appointments to their calendar. No matter what size their team is, the process is instant. This will reduce workplace stress and you will always be ahead of all your activities.

3: Through technology, the wellbeing of employees is monitored

Looking after employees is a key part of maintaining low levels of workplace stress. New technology means your management teams can track how employees feel and gain an insight into how different teams work. They can also encourage employees to get up and get moving by offering incentives such as fitness trackers. Communication tools allow employees to keep in touch whether they work in the same building or different parts of the country. Tools like Slack can be key to keep informed of how employees are getting along, particularly if they work remotely full- or part-time. This will thus enable the reduction of workplace stress as they will be allocated duties that they enjoy doing.

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Technology can also be used as a workplace relaxing activity. These include leisure activities such as playing video games and other online games such as chess. This will enable employees to become more relaxed thus reducing workplace stress.

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