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Monday, August 3, 2020
Home Technology eWebGuru provides Joomla web hosting at an affordable price

eWebGuru provides Joomla web hosting at an affordable price

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Days are getting more advanced after the advent of internet technology, most of the business people are using the internet as a platform for all businesses. The website is the chief support system for online-based business, if the user wants to sell a product, either want to show off their services, it’s not at all possible to do if the user doesn’t own a website or webpage.  Software engineers are good in number presently, they assist in designing web pages or websites by creating templates, enhance the page design and more. To make your website visible to others obviously you need a web host to do such works technically. If you are amateur and not much familiar with a web host, you will be wondering with various queries in your mind such as what is web hosting and when you need it, what web hosting service will do for you like so many. Well, it’s time to know all these queries in detail, to understand better about the web hosting service.



What is web hosting – understands it better

web hosting

All internet access is based on websites, to run a business or make it known to others, a website is vital.  To create website loads of computer files, like Html text files, jpeg files for images, mp3, mpeg4, WAV, lots of coding formats are essential to building a website. Here you need to be clear in mind where the files used for creating a website or stored, if it stored personally in your systems cannot be accessed by others on the internet. At this point the web hosting service providers assist for web hosting by providing space to store data under a secured server name, this is the process of web hosting and done by the web hosting services. Unless without the help of web hosting services the website created and designed by the users doesn’t visible for others when they google on the internet, of course, you can see the website creates without web hosting services like eWebGuru.

Why are you being charged with web hosting services?

Definitely you should hire a technical web designer to create a website and make able to see on the World Wide Web. Here is the trustworthy web hosting service company named eWebGuru which provides space and allocates to show your website on the server, so you need to own the space or lease it to make visible your website by providing internet access through all over the world, charges are applied for this processes. Just like paying rent to house similarly paying for web hosting is essential for your business address which you can share to every end-user to look into that. As long you pay for the web hosting service for your website it will be live and can be accessed by others.


What are Joomla and beneficial features of it?

Unlike old, every business desires to own a website either its small or huge level, almost everyone needs it. If you desire to own a website with a cost-effective system then undoubtedly Joomla is a major choice of all, and this is a completely free, open-source (CMS) content management system. Joomla gaining its popularity all over the world due to its open-source content management systems has bagged many awards due to its widespread free CMS. In the recent research and study, it shows the record with details such as more than 20 million websites are powered by Joomla, which they gain in top-rated website lists.


Joomla helps to create content on the website without hassle, even a non-technical people can easily understand the simple interface provided by Joomla. With the use of Joomla content management system software, a website designer can manage contents on the website easily customize images, audio files, animations, videos, and many can be added to make it more effective. Special features of Joomla are listed here:

  • It is completely free of cost, no need to spend a single penny so drives more user to use this software
  • Joomla is an open-source content management systems can be used by the public and can customize as per their changes
  • This framework is user-friendly among the SEO, compared to others, it allows the user to the custom page title, change keywords in page everything can be easily accessed
  • This Joomla framework security is high, so grabs the attention of all user on it
  • This technology supports a wide choice of languages, thus it gains more popular in major parts of countries
  • Joomla official support is highly recommended, a lot of experts available to clear all your queries
  • It is great to support huge choices of a gallery, so users can find it easy to develop a website, moreover, they have complete documentation to design this is really beneficial even though if you are a beginner.

Designing and hosting a website at Joomla supported web hosting server is a good idea. You can also check great web hosting options on Hows Host

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