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Benefits of Low-Code App Development

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According to the latest report by Appian, around 84% of businesses surveyed have used some type of low-code development platform to cut down the stress on their IT departments. The same report further explained that 43% of organizations surveyed showed greater agility, and 43% showed a significant cost reduction. Depending upon these numbers combined with quickly deviating market conditions, businesses must comprehend digital transformation. And for that, we have listed the top 5 benefits of using low-code backend tools and enabling businesses to stay agile.

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Top 5 benefits of low-code app development

From productivity improvement to making maintenance easy, low-code platforms are undeniably veritable. These benefits are designed to help business users enhance the efficiency of their workspace without compromising the usability of these platforms.

1. Low cost

The average company overlooked hiring more than 1 developer who uses easy-to-use tools. And this step added $4.4 million in enhanced business value over 3 years from the apps designed. With this approach, the need to hire more developers for software development disappeared. That’s good news, provided that the average salary of an app developer in 2018 was above $105,000. Including everything, low-code development platforms are money-saving.

Top 5 benefits of low-code app development Money-saving platforms

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2. Better productivity

Low-code app development allows business users to create their apps, which saves developers a lot of time. It improves productivity for them as well. This way, they don’t need to wait for developers in case of any problem. As they create their apps, there will be no waiting time between the idea and implementation.

3. Speed of app development

Almost 50% of IT projects are delayed. That’s a surprising figure, given that businesses are now under more pressure to respond quickly to modifying market conditions. These tools can strongly scale down development time by 90%. Low-code app development solutions feature pre-built integrations to reduce the speed of development.

4. No Shadow IT

Business users usually contact their IT departments for application and tools requests that they want. But, as the IT department is clogged with requests already, the business users often contact third-party solutions that can provide them whatever they are looking for. The issue with finding solutions like this is that these third-party solutions aren’t reliable, and at times they don’t comply with the company’s guidelines to be secure.

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5. Easier and better maintenance

With traditional apps, up-gradation and maintenance take ages. Developers must add new features and fix bugs manually. But with low-code app development, there are very few bugs and glitches to handle. As the available modules on low-code platforms are tested in advance to work together smoothly, any features can be added without concern about compatibility.

Wrap Up

Low-code app development is the latest technology at the moment. It offers several benefits for businesses related to cost savings, and it helps companies stay within the budget. The low-code platforms are growing, and there’s a high possibility that you’ll see them evolving in the future with so many benefits over typical development platforms. They help companies respond quickly to market shifts, save money, be creative, and provide competitive benefits of low-code app development.

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