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5 IT Essentials for Start-Ups

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Coming up with a unique idea for a start-up is the hardest task for any entrepreneur. However, the most important task is to get hold of the best IT solutions so that your operations run smoothly and effectively.

The checklist below pinpoints all the IT essentials you need for your start-up.

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Hardware is the most obvious IT essential for a start-up but it is also the most important. You cannot conduct efficient business in the modern world without good hardware.

The four basics that no business in the world can do without are a computer, an external hard drive to back up and organise data, a wireless router, and a good printer.

It is worth investing as much as possible in this hardware. Time spent waiting for your internet connection or your computers to process data is revenue lost.

The Correct Choice of Software

Excellent hardware is wasted if you do not have the right software to run on them. All start-ups should thoroughly research word processing, HR, sales, customer services, and project management software.

Successful Startups with IT Essentials

There is no one size fits all software solution and you need to make sure that whatever solutions you choose are right for your start-up and the expertise of your staff. For instance, you should not get the most complicated software on the market if you have no IT experts that will use it properly. Instead, you should choose the software that works best for your start-up’s unique needs and assets.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the storing of data remotely by firms that own secure data banks. A huge amount of money can be saved if your start-up decides to use cloud computing rather than local storage solutions.

You will not need in-house staff to maintain systems as maintenance work is done automatically by the cloud provider.

More importantly for start-ups lacking in funds for initial investment, you will not need to buy expensive data storage hardware. These benefits mean that by 2020, 60% of businesses will use cloud computing.

Bulletproof Cybersecurity

The survival of your start-up relies on its ability to protect itself from cyber attacks. 43% of attacks by cybercriminals are directed at start-ups and data breaches cost an average of £65,000. Y

our start-up must invest in an excellent firewall, anti-virus software and patch management tools to protect yourself and your clients while staying compliant with data protection regulations.

A High-Quality Website

Your start-up cannot exist without a good website and online presence. The internet has given start-ups access to a huge new customer base.

There are around 2.14 billion individuals that will buy products online this year. While providing an opportunity, this can also be the downfall for businesses that do not care enough about their online presence.

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Around 81% of your customers will research online before buying a product. If your website is not good enough, potential customers will turn away when researching.

It may also be worth commissioning web designers, consultants, and copywriters to make sure your website performs well in the competitive online environment.

Successful Start-Ups with IT Essentials

With these IT essentials, your start-up will be unstoppable. It can avoid many of the pitfalls that kill start-ups before the customers even discover you and will allow your business to run in the most efficient way possible.

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