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Tecell: A Startup Company That Empowers One And All In Infrastructural Development

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Electric vehicles (EVs) have slowly become a fast-growing automobile choice in recent years due to their unique ability to run solely or partly on electricity, but just like regular fuel-powered automobiles, electric vehicle owners also require charging stations to power up their vehicles whenever the battery runs out. The low prevalence of these charging stations in many countries poses a serious threat to the growth and development of the industry. However, due to the existence of this present challenge, companies such as Tecell have risen in an attempt to arrest the situation. Tecell India Private Limited has launched into the marketplace with a clear vision of providing accessible EV charging infrastructure and connected mobility for every citizen in India.

Tecell is an Electric Vehicle(EV) charging infrastructure-focused company that provides end-to-end service to EV customers. From the installation and maintenance of EV charging stations to the service of EV driver customers. They have also become integrators of charging stations and mobility service providers.

The founder, Tarun Vasudev, and co-founder, Chetan, have been tracking the EV market globally for almost five years, fueled by their primary vision of empowering the market to be part of the EV charging infrastructure.

In 2021, they eventually decided to begin the company’s adventurous journey by moving into India, which was a very favorable and ideal moment.

Tecell was incorporated in December 2021 in Bangalore, India, with the goal of empowering low-cap investors, enthusiasts, and property owners to be part of the wonderful opportunity of industry disruption.

Tecell has been working closely with several EVSE manufacturers in India and different countries worldwide since its incorporation. There has also been a persistent pursuit of essential alliances with other charge point operators, EV manufacturers of passenger (2w, 4w), and commercial segments.

Tecell’s persistent efforts to achieve its set goal of bringing the network closer have yielded positive results, with current access to 50% of the European public charging station network, where Tecell is venturing as an electric mobility service provider.

Tecell was founded by Tarun Vasudev, a management and technology executive and an alum of Kellogg School of Management and Bangalore University. He has led global transformation initiatives for Fortune 100 customers and is now an entrepreneur with a passionate interest in the mobility and energy sectors.

Tarun has a high success rate in implementing business strategies and discovering business potential.

As an investor and the chair of the board of directors, he is building a team from scratch that can hold customer-centric, solid, ethical, and sustainable values.

Owners of electric vehicles in India can now charge their vehicles with ease, convenience, and peace of mind thanks to Tecell’s effective and efficient network of charging points.

Customers have access to various charger types, a fast charge type, and special availability and reservations to best suit their needs. Tecell also caters to 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler EVs with options for fast charging and customers can now monitor their spending plans and align the most suitable pricing plan to keep their costs low.

The company caters to a variety of customers, ranging from individuals and establishments to large firms, and is also an approved EV charging station supplier for a leading energy company.

Ev tecell

Tecell’s goal is to have about 1000 charging stations in its network by the end of the year. An achievable feat that is already witnessing the installation of charge stations at several sites across India. The company also has access to 50% of public charging stations through its European network partners.

Tecell’s customers are very upbeat about the company’s solution offering, and there are notable plans in place to bring in more awareness to the market about Tecell and the up-beating EV industry.

Both customers and entrepreneurs can leverage Tecell’s unique business opportunity to be part of the infrastructure investment community and can show their support by trying out the products and services offered by the organization.

Tecell offers every citizen the opportunity to contribute to sustainable objectives and reduce the burden on humanity and customers can key into this mission by showing their commitment to the company.

Tecell is a privately owned company that is not looking for public investors and, though the company currently has no breakevens, they offer debentures in Tecell and programs such as a franchise to reap the profits of their investments from time to time, which is an attractive business opportunity to be part of EV infrastructure development.

With the increasing presence of electric vehicles in the country, Tecell India Private Limited aims to connect electric vehicle (EV) drivers to charge points anywhere in India at any time with ease and convenience.

Tecell encourages viewers and potential customers to embrace the opportunities without a second thought, as EVs are not an option but are slowly becoming a necessity in the present society.

Tecell strives to mitigate range anxiety by developing well-planned & methodical electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the country.

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