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Taliban Forms Investment Group With Companies From Russia And Iran

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After fighting a twenty-year insurgency, the Taliban, an overwhelmingly Pashtun Islamic fundamentalist party, regained control of Afghanistan in 2021.

Less than 10 years after the U.S.-led invasion that overthrew the previous government in 2001, the Taliban reassembled in Pakistan and started retaking territory. The Taliban had taken back control by August 2021. They launched a quick onslaught as the United States began to withdraw its final soldiers from Afghanistan in accordance with a 2020 peace deal with the group.

Even though they promised to preserve the rights of women and communities of religious and racial minorities, the Taliban have enforced a strict interpretation of Sharia law. The Taliban have struggled to give Afghans sufficient food supplies and economic possibilities as they have evolved from an insurgent group to a functioning government.

The New Bloc is Being Merged in Afghanistan

The acting trade minister announced on Wednesday that the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has assembled a group of businesses, some of which are based in Russia, Iran, and Pakistan, to develop an investment strategy with a focus on infrastructure, mining, and power.

The new bloc is being merged in afghanistan taliban

Nooruddin Azizi told Reuters that his ministry had signed a memorandum of understanding with the foreign businesses that would send delegates to Afghanistan to look into projects worth up to $1 billion and that the consortium comprised 14 Afghan businessmen.

“The hiding locations (of terrorists) have been demolished,” he added, adding that there have been numerous debates about security in cabinet meetings and that committees have been constituted.

He remarked, alluding to the Taliban government, “The Islamic Emirate will maintain security and would encourage the private industry in the security arena.”

He added that in addition to mining and power projects, the consortium was looking into the possibility of constructing a second tunnel under the Salang pass, which connects Afghanistan’s north to the rest of the nation. He also mentioned a project to divert water from the northeastern Panjshir region to the equity as well as the reconstruction of the main highway linking Kabul to western Herat province.

The minister claimed that the Taliban government intended to concentrate on creating special economic zones in an effort to draw in foreign capital.

His ministry assisted in the creation of the plan to transform foreign bases into the areas, and a board made up of officials from other ministries was established. As the specifics were being worked out with other departments and top leadership, he chose not to go into further detail.

According to him, after the funds were processed via banking channels despite sanctions that have restricted many international payments, shipments of oil, gas, and wheat under a signed agreement with Russia last year had started arriving in Afghanistan by road and rail across Central Asia.

Bottom Line

We are skeptical about how the west would react, and respond to such a consortium in the future. Whenever there is any updated information, keep reading and learning more about it.

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