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Mind-reading technology lets locked-in patients to communicate

People with a rare condition called complete locked-in syndrome may finally have a link to the outside world. By reading the brain activity of...

Canadian students rank fourth for science performance

Canadian students are among the top performers in science, according to a new international ranking that shows a marked departure from the challenges faced...

Will Sci-Fi Bots Write the Next Great Dystopian Novel?

OAKLAND, Calif. — William Faulkner kept the words flowing with a steady drip of whiskey. Laurence Sterne conquered writer's block by shaving his beard....

40 Most Successful Inventions of All Time

Here’s a brief tour through some of the most important innovations in human history. Let me know in the comments if you think I...

ISRO Aims World Record With Launch of 83 Satellites on a Single Rocket: India

Indian space agency ISRO is aiming for a world record by putting into orbit 83 satellites - two Indian and 81 foreign - on...
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