Robot Wars

  • Bots_Alive Brings Sophisticated Brains to Cheap Robots

    Bots_Alive Brings Sophisticated Brains to Cheap Robots

    we were introduced to Bots_Alive, a small company of roboticists who have managed to develop a robotic critter with a carefully thought-out animal-like personality. And by hacking an existing robot toy and using your phone as a brain, they’re ready to sell it to you for 35 bucks. Bots_Alive...
  • IDC’s latest report forecasts technological shifts in the robot market that will impact business models, system functionality, skillsets, regulations, and more.

    The Robot Revival

    Robots have long been a manufacturing mainstay—tasked with doing the heavy lifting on the assembly line or taking over tedious repetitive motions. Up until recently, however, they’ve been limited to basic activities, typically on the automotive factory floor. But advancements in the form of small, light-weight collaborative robots, cloud...