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This Drone Camera Will Take Your Selfies to the Next Level

Instead of extending your arm or using a selfie stick to snap shots of you and your crew, you could use a new pocket-size...

Pune police granted permission for DRONE civilian use: INDIA

Ever since the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) gave the green light for civilian use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in April this...

Sree Sai Aerotech(SSAI) Developing unique drone technologies in India

The earliest drones were manually controlled and their performance to a large extent, depended on the skill with which they were flown by controllers...

Fledged Technology, Revolving Around Particles

Unmanned aerial vehicles redeem a vital role in plenty of the significant dull, dirty and dangerous missions, providing defense personnel with vital intelligence, surveillance,...

India-US Defense Deal: Predator Drone Aircraft Project Hastened

INDIA: The United States are reportedly pushing forward a deal with india for the supply of Predator drone aircraft in order to complete the project before...
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