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US company is ready to brew beer on Mars

Budweiser is keeping up its devotion, detailed in the relatively recent past at an event "South by Southwest" that "it would create a beer...

Planetary Resources prepares asteroid mining technology for Dec. launch

Asteroid miner Planetary Resources has wrapped up its Arkyd-6 spacecraft, the company’s second technology for celestial bodies-watching tests, and said the mini spaceship has...

Spacex Ready To Step Toward Space Station With Another Utilized Dragon Capsule

SpaceX keeps on its re-usable product journey. The company upcoming cargo mission toward the International Space Station (ISS) employs the utilized Dragon capsule, planned...

US Female Astronaut To Break Record For Time In Space

If the "Sky's the Limit" for someone whose ambitions know no bounds, what's the limit for someone who lives above the sky? A curious sole might...
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