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Yancha’s Endeavors to create a memorable legacy

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Research shows that having engaged, interested parents in the first few years of life is the single most critical factor for long-term success in children. Therefore, effective parenting is vital for bringing up children who become successful, healthy, and happy adults. But with the rising complexities of modern society, nuclear families, technology proliferation, and competitiveness in all aspects coupled with a wide range of choices,  parenting has grown more complex than ever. Couples worldwide face the same challenges of how to ensure their children’s bright future with proper parenting. Isn’t parenting something so crucial but there are no structured interventions to help parents with it?  Acknowledging this service gap, Yancha launched its ed-tech platform to assist parenting to shift of focus from only Provide & Protect to Develop in a way that allows children to reach their maximum potential.

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Derived from the Japanese word meaning a mischievous and naughty child, the company has developed programs based on scientific research that allow children to prosper socially and emotionally while honing their physical and cognitive capacities. And so, in this way, the company’s programs benefit both children and their parents by helping them deal with the enormous responsibility of parenting.

Formed with the belief that every child can grow up to prosper if nurtured in the right environment, the company seeks to create a world where the next generation can have brighter and happier futures. The programs allow children to evolve behaviourally and become youngsters who excel academically and professionally and equip them to forge healthy relationships and choose suitable careers. Consequently, this allows the children enrolled in these programs to achieve their maximum potential!

Technically speaking, Yancha Positive Parenting LLP can be called a continuing parenting program designed to provide behavioral inputs to parents for effective parenting while the child grows from being a toddler to a young adult. The program provides continuity in the development of the essential behaviours in the child. Something that no one else offers. These programs are divided into four categories according to age groups and research findings. The first program is for the age group of 1 to 4 years, 4 to 10, 11 to 14, and 15 to 19. The parents can indulge in the programs both digitally or physically attending the company’s designated premises.

Protect and Develop children from learning

As parenting has been going on across generations, one might wonder how the services of Yancha are different from traditional schooling and how the service can provide value to parents. Firstly, formal education tends to a child’s academic needs, not behavioral development. This behavioral development is necessary for their prosperity and performance in academia and professional life.

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Moreover, traditional schooling does not accommodate the unique challenges faced by every child in learning and socializing. The programs offered by Yancha give this flexibility by catering to the needs of different children and the environment in which they are being brought up. This is a vital point, as parents cannot figure out, on their own, how to approach their children’s behavioral issues depending on their unique personalities. By working on the aptitudes and passions of every child, the programs are designed and structured to help parents identify their children’s talents better. Through discussions with experts, parents can collaborate to form methodologies for helping their children develop behaviourally.

Of the wide variety of programs offered, here are a few of them:

1.Yancha Awareness Sessions.

2. Yancha Behaviour Transformation Programs.

3. Yancha Masterclass.

4. Yancha Career Choice Roadmap.

5. Yancha Fun – Parent-Child Engagement.

6. Yancha Mind Lab.

7. Other Programs & Tie-ups.

Founded by Arnab and Saugata in 2019, Yancha began its operations in Kolkata, India. Arnab was intrigued by the parenting issues he found in senior leaders incorporates, which resulted in their lack of reaching their maximum potential. Interviews and analysis of individuals who failed to reach their maximum potential were often due to the inability to overcome the barriers created in their minds by the quality of parenting they received as children. The mindsets developed from childhood had given them characteristics that curtailed their progress.

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On the other hand, Saugata observed the impact of bad and good parenting on children as they made their way through school and college.  They realized that while there was a lot of research and generalized information available, there was no ‘How To’ program that helped parents develop their children and that resulted in Yancha’s inception. In its two years of operation, the company has changed parenting ways across the Country. Around 5000 parents have benefitted from Yancha’s programs and many others through its outreach program.

To be precise, Yancha is not a counseling service. It is a proactive service to enable parents to understand their child, learn how to inculcate the right behaviours in the child and thereby, propel them towards achieving their full potential. It is akin to a Wellness offering instead of a Painful Cure of a misguided life.

The response has been stellar as parents have felt that their parenting has received tremendous benefits from the programs. Expanding its operations, the company is now offering its services in Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. By employing digital platforms, it is now reaching parents worldwide.

Previously, the founders had successful corporate careers. With over a decade-long experience of traveling with Mckinsey for his consulting assignments, Arnab, an IIM – MIT Sloan alumnus holds expertise in problem-solving. In the capacity of a consultant and analytics expert, he has helped various problems to be unraveled that had a deep impact on orgnizations and individuals.

On the other hand, Saugata, an NIT- IIM alumnus has worked in the capacity of a construction engineer with L&T before moving on to learning and development. He has been a part of such organizations as NIS Sparta, Infosys, and ISB.

And so, both hold the expertise required to have started a venture such as Yancha. They acquired all the necessary knowledge needed to have made the impact they wanted to make.

Yancha customers include Corporates, Colleges, Schools, and individual parents & teenagers. The parents can utilize the Platform for their children, whereas teenagers can overcome developmental issues they may face in their academic lives. Individuals, parents, and families can lead much more meaningful and happier lives once they understand the right approach to raise their child to full potential. Prospective investors who appreciate the importance of Yancha’s vision are cordially invited to become part of an organization that seeks to make a difference.

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Message to customers:

Nobel Laurettee Rabindranath Tagore once said:

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time “

Old patterns would generate old results we have to change it with new patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and our inputs, to get the new results to make the future generation prepare for the path they would have to inevitably walk and that in turn would create a legacy.

The most significant difference that one can make is to their children. There are three things a parent needs to do – Provide, Protect and Develop their children. While parents try their best in the first two aspects, they often fall short on the children’s third aspect- behavioral development. If you are a parent, you are blessed. Do not waste this golden opportunity as it brings out the best in every parent in the process of bringing up their children.

Parents have close to 19 years before the child takes the next leap for further education or work. Research shows that the first 10 years are when parents can really make a significant difference to the child’s behavioral development. At the same time, the child’s behaviors continue to evolve in teens and while they shape up as young adults. Yancha helps you in your parenting journey to raise your child from an infant to a Young Adult and then Let Go. www.yancha.in

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