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Virtual Atelier. How To Design Your Own Clothes From Home With Dressarte?

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In today’s thriving world of numerous advancements in technology, businesses have begun to embrace the virtual domain at a rapid pace and this new discovery has led to more flexible, efficient, and effective product service. The internet has now become a  global marketplace where producers, retailers, and consumers can have smooth and fast business conversations and trade. Dressarte, a virtual atelier that helps clients design their dream clothes in the comfort of their homes, has also not been left out of this vital technological shift.

Dressarte was founded by Nathalie Neuilly in Paris, in 2018 and has enjoyed massive breakthroughs since its inception. This remarkable company was born from a rather curious and captivating tale which Nathalie narrated in one of her recent interviews. She had been struggling to find the right size for a dress and due to her busy lifestyle, it became an increasing task to schedule multiple fittings with a tailor. This experience sparked an idea that would eventually become a reality. Nathalie founded Dressarte when the realization dawned on her that there were other women just like her who were willing to design their own clothes but didn’t have a time off for line fittings. The company’s primary objective has been to bring its customers’ dreams to reality by working with experienced stylists and designers in a bid to design unique clothes that match the customer’s exact instructions. Before starting Dressarte, Nathalie studied international business and IT management and had a successful corporate career in consulting living across five countries which gifted her valuable insight and experience on how to manage a business.

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic was a favorable year for online businesses. The growth of Dressarte witnessed groundbreaking growth during the pandemic era and attracted myriad clients from different parts of the world.

The company has continued to grow rapidly after the covid-19 pandemic as several brides-to-be now prefer to have their dream visions of a wedding gown crafted into life. The founder of Dressarte, Neuilly decided to keep the prices low by investing her personal savings toward the establishment of the company’s first website.

Dressarte’s clients consist of conscious consumers who invest in quality clothes that last. They do not follow fashion trends but find a rare satisfaction in donning their personal styles. This opens the door for more unique discoveries in the fashion world. The online bespoke service of Dressarte is very popular amongst brides-to-be. This allows them to design their dream dresses online from an endless list of high-quality Italian and French fabrics. Brides finally have the rare privilege of designing their wedding dresses based on their vision and taste. This gives them a confident and authentic aura that makes them feel the best version of themselves.

Dressarte relies on its physical and virtual communities to be i0ts brand ambassadors so the company does its best to raise awareness about its unique service. One of the company’s present goals is the need to develop an in-house fit and visualization app. This project is estimated to cost about 2 million dollars and they are currently in pursuit of the completion of this project. The in-house fit and visualization app will enable Dressarte to scale the business and also encourage others to follow the business model and fight together against waste in the fashion industry.

Over the years, Dressarte has been featured in various magazines including TechRound and the renowned Forbes magazine where the company was named as the world’s first VR couture atelier in the world.

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Dressarte has always expressed its gratitude to its community and in a recent interview, appreciated their clients for the support they have received since the start. Due to various client feedback, the company can constantly improve its service and introduce new features that will help to make its customer’s journey more enjoyable.

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