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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Home Startup TTDigitals, India - A Digital Marketing Company in Pune, Delivering 10X Growth...

TTDigitals, India – A Digital Marketing Company in Pune, Delivering 10X Growth to Clients via Effective Execution

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TTDigitals is a pioneer in offering digital marketing solutions based in Pune and Founded by Mr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh. a growth specialist, after working with some of the reputed firms and gaining industry experience, envisioned to launch his own venture to offer cost-effective digital marketing services to the clients.

When the company kick-started in the year 2016, in Latur tier 2 city in Maharashtra. it was highly focused on reaching out to indigenous brands. Throughout the drive, they ensured to provide economic solutions to a range of companies. However, the affordability has not stopped this company from trying a range of marketing practices in business. It has always come up with revolutionary strategies for its clients. And, in the world of digital marketing.

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In fact, TTDigitals began offering its services with small startups. Today, many big players in the industry are relying on the upfront support and guidance of this digitalized marketing solutions provider. The company was founded with the name Tirupati Technologies, and then it evolved with the brand name Digitalseed. Within a short span of time, they gained a newer name: TTDigitals. The company is the brainchild of Mr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh and he is renowned in the industry for his digital marketing services. Much of these services are efficient and reliable. In fact, they can be used across industries. This is what gives TTDigitals an edge in the industry.

At the moment, his aim is to promote the growth of TTDigitals with his qualification gives him the confidence and knowledge required to build TTDigitals in every possible way too. Indeed, the company have achieved all this in 3 – 4 years. In the upcoming years, he is definitely going to revolutionize the digital marketing space. The company has standards and is bound to meet any marketing need.

From the Right beginning, TTDigitals focused on recruiting the right kind of talent. This is one of the major reasons behind their success story. Every time a customer approaches there company for a digital marketing solution, a skilled professional is assigned to them. All the campaigns are managed by these professionals. Indeed, clients receive one to one attention at all times! The in-house team managed and maintained by TTDigitals has decades of experience in this industry. You will be fascinated to see the techniques and tools used by these experts. Undeniably, they will lift a major burden from your hearts and shoulders. The best part of working with TTDigitals is, you don’t need to spend months with marketers. What is crucial for your business will be uncovered with a day or two. Most clients have identified this as the company’s key selling point. Even today, you will be made to go through a similar model when you work with TTDigitals.

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TTDigitals has come up with methods that work on all social media networking platforms. This includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email marketing, PR marketing, AdWords and more.

By evolving at a steady pace, Mr. Hrishikesh Deskmukh has changed the way digital marketing is offered to companies in need. Some of Mr. Deskmukh’s campaigns have helped in securing growth that is as high as 1000%. Also, he has helped websites see three times traffic. Famous brands that have benefited from the digitalized marketing services offered by Mr. Deshmukh would be CommonFloor.in, Wheelstreet and PlaceOfOrigin. These are just a few sites, to begin with.

“We firmly follow Digital India notion and want a business of all sizes to adopt digital marketing services as they are cost-effective and they have a better reach than the traditional marketing services. Through our firm, we endeavor to empower businesses of all sizes to make and elevate their online presence. We’ve marked our presence in the state of Maharashtra and wish to replicate this success in other states of the country. A plan to digitalize all the companies and become a pioneer digital marketing agency that has its roots all over the country”. Said Hrishikesh

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They have seen success through its transparent methods. Most clients admire the way TTDigitals begins with one to one conversations. Along the process, every service offered is broken down into simpler processes. Meanwhile, details of the service and its cost is disclosed upfront with the clients. Maybe, it is this transparent and cost-effective business model that keeps TTDigitals a step ahead in the industry.

Also, the company never denies the need for constant research and development in digital marketing. Mr. Hrishikesh Deskmukh has built a system where feedback is gathered from customers with each implementation. Whenever there is an update in the project progress, clients are notified. Much of these attributes to the strength and promising future of TTDigitals. Their quality of work, disciplined approach, and round the clock availability of marketing leaders are its unique selling points.

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