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Top drone startups in UK

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There are many drone startups in the United Kingdom that have started and built based on their uniqueness. Apart from starting up a company that is just into manufacturing drones, there are companies that have specialized in some form of drone that is specific to industry needs. This makes them unique since they are able to cater to the specific needs of the industry in the country and to the international market.

Categorizing a start-up drone manufacturer towards a specific industry can be difficult for some people. However, it has been the key to the success of many companies that are among the top in the UK at the current moment. We look at some of the companies that have started small and gone on to become market leaders when it comes to drone companies in the United Kingdom.

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Top 4 drone companies in UK

1. Sky-Futures


This company is said to be by far the best in terms of drone companies in the UK at the current moment. It has got over £ 11 raised as investment from various companies towards different projects they have taken up. It has concentrated its efforts towards off-shore drones for oil and natural gas companies.

2. Cyberhawk


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Although this company is similar to the above it also provides drones that are land operated and to different sectors. It was primarily concentrating on oil, petrochemical, gas, power grid, and power generation sectors. Magnesium Capital has taken over this company as recently as 2018. Conducting aerial surveys and inspections of difficult to reach places and structures are its specialty.

3. Sensat


It is another drone manufacturer that has grown dramatically and provides its services in the construction sectors. With their technologies, you can track remote locations without having to visit them physically. Topographical surveys are said to be one of the main specialties of this drone start-up in the United Kingdom. Using a solution such as Mapp up to date information is provided to offices that are captured on drones.

4. BioCarbon Engineering

Top drone startups in UK

This is one of the drone companies to concentrate on the environmental sector and providing for different companies related to the same. This company takes up replantation services to a new level where less labor is required and most of it is automated.

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Software and hardware

There are other companies that come under the drone companies too but are only instrumental in providing either the hardware or software for drones. They are many start-up companies that have been recorded as the best in either of these. SLAMcore and Altitude Angels are market leaders in software technologies for drone companies.

Animal Dynamics, Malolo, Skeeter, and Stork are market leaders in hardware technologies when it comes to drone startups. Most of these companies are essentially leaders in their respective areas when it comes to drone companies in the United Kingdom. They have at least one unique aspect about themselves that sets them apart from the others in the industry for specific reasons.

How should you choose a drone company?

There are a few things that you would always have to look at before buying a few drones for your firm. The below mentioned things would ensure that you are making the right choice and not otherwise.

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  • Reliability: Always look for how reliable the company has been in terms of its drones. It is important to ensure this especially when you are buying them for industrial purposes. You would not have to deal with problems at a later point if the company is reliable.
  • Strong Technical Support: You should be aware of how strong their technical team is in terms of support. This can be especially helpful if you are faced with technical problems with the drones that you purchase.
  • Cost Factor: This is another aspect that you would have to look into when you make purchases. It can be good if you can compare and get quotes from a few providers before you make the right choices based on them.
  • Purpose: Also ensure that the drones are capable of serving the purpose that you are purchasing them for. It would ensure that you are not making the wrong choice of purchase by any means. The last thing that you would want for your drones not capable of serving the purpose they were meant to.
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