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Home Startup Toogit: A new era in automated freelancing

Toogit: A new era in automated freelancing

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There is a saying; Necessity is the mother of invention.

Online freelancing emerged a decade ago and remained generic since then. We have thousands of online freelancing websites today and the matter of the fact is they are all the same. It is sad to say there are not many innovations done in freelancing marketplaces. They work on same old and outdated concepts.

It was the time when the market needed something modern, innovative and futuristic. That was the time when Toogit born. Toogit.com is a freelancing marketplace that fixed all the issues faced by freelancers and clients.


Toogit.com is a vision of a freelancer, made for freelancers to make freelancing better than ever.

Toogit is not just a freelancing website, it starts a new Era in freelancing world. Freelancers and clients are now tired of strategies used by other freelancing marketplaces. Toogit brings resolution for all issues faced by clients and freelancers in the industry. Toogit invented features like profile import, auto proposals, project tools, specialized AI for the first time ever. Automated freelancing on Toogit is called Toogitting.

Toogit works on commission based revenue system. Clients post the project on Toogit, freelancers then apply for the project and then client awards it to the best proposal. When the project gets completed, Toogit earns 8% of the total amount as commission which is lowest in the market. So far, 1000 projects posted on Toogit, 400 completed successfully with a total transaction of INR 4.5 Million.

There is no major investment done for Toogit. As of now, it is a product made with the help of friends and family. Toogit is a dream project for us and it will be alive forever, with or without investment. The investment will help it grow faster, so yes, Toogit is looking for investors but okay if doesn’t get one. Said Team…


Nishant Agarwal, founder and CEO, is one of the top .01% active web developers in the world right now. A passionate inventor and business strategist, helped hundreds of startups to grow their business like a weed. He was earning good enough to support their family and Spent 5 years on different highly challenging & high paying projects, made a network of new highly motivated people all around the world. Also realized the pain of a smart working, ambitious and competent community known as ‘freelancers’.

Khalid Ansari, as a co-founder and CTO, does his part in an extraordinary way and left us awestruck always. His skills and experience make him the best of bests programmers.

Dushyant Tyagi, co-founder, and COO, is a skilled developer, seasoned writer, and digital marketer, brings in an edge to technology, content and marketing front.


Team Toogit has work experience in many multinational companies including Cognizant, Accenture, HSBC, Capgemini, Sungard, HCL.

It’s been so long something came out of a true will of helping others and making things better. Hard work and skills always pay off. Continue the good efforts and keep on learning. Toogit always respects true professionalism, honesty and transparency and expect the same from Toogit users.

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