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Tokinomo: The Revolutionary Robotic Brand Activation POSM Is Expanding The Limits Of In-store Marketing

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Tokinomo is an in-store, interactive brand activation POSM startup; the business has amassed many awards for its innovative advertising solutions for grocery retail. The company has spread its influence worldwide by providing patented robotic solutions for supermarket shelf advertising and POP marketing. Tokinomo’s innovative automated devices or robots employ sensor technology to engage a mingling of sounds, motion, and light to impart shelf products a life of their own. The shelf products go as far as talking, moving, singing, and even dancing before the amused and impressed shoppers! 

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The company utilizes a cloud-based platform to perform this feature. Because every Tokinomo robotic device is connected through the internet to the cloud-based platform, the latter of which allows for remote management. CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands worldwide have experienced sales increases averaging around 200% after using Tokinomo robotic advertising in-store solutions! These and other factors have contributed to the company’s drastic rise in the in-store marketing industry.

The company was founded by Ionut Vlad and Laurentiu. Before this joint venture, both visionaries had successful careers that helped them gain the expertise for entrepreneurship.

Ionut Vlad worked at Saatchi & Saatchi in Frankfurt as an art director. During his tenure at the company, he observed a lack of creativity and effectiveness in the in-store strategies of brick-and-mortar shops. This is how Tokinomo came to be.

On the other hand, Laurentiu worked as an event manager for FCB International and Sprint Media Group for 12 years. This position allowed him to gather a massive brand activation experience. The two pooled in their expertise to overcome the in-store difficulties they had seen during their professional careers. 

The two felt that the retail businesses were employing outdated and dull in-store marketing strategies. Unlike so many other aspects of the global business landscape, they felt that this element had not received the innovation that technology had brought in so many other things. As a result, they felt that consumer engagement and interest on grocery shelves were not as high as it could be,. And so, the founders reached out to various brands, introducing the innovative solutions they had in mind after propagating the problem and identifying it. They believed that their technological advances were bound to be successful, as the present techniques did not engage the human senses as much as they should have.

Moreover, they believed that despite the rise of digital shopping platforms, the personal experience of going out and shopping still has a presence in the future. And so, the technology employed in digital marketing could just as well be used to make in-store shopping experiences just as pleasant and engaging in their own right.  

the robot at NRF 2022 Retails Big Show at the Innovation Labs
The Robot at NRF 2022 Retail’s Big Show (at the Innovation Labs). 

After these epiphanies and realizations, Ionut delved into developing a device that could engage consumers with products by engaging their senses and employing storytelling. After months of work, his work culminated into a sensor-controlled robotic device programmed for various applications. By combining sound, light, and movement technologies, the device enabled products to talk, sing, dance, and move! This is what the company calls experiential marketing or retailtainment.

Of course, once the product was introduced into the market, retailers saw the benefits their businesses could reap by employing it. By offering its products globally, the company has managed to break into more than 40 international markets. This count continues to grow, with promising results for the future! Furthermore, to keep up with other in-store advertising solutions and continue meeting customer expectations, the company continues to improve its in-store solutions so that retailers can benefit more and more. 

The company’s customers consist of major consumer goods brands, retailers, and in-store marketing agencies. Many of the top FMCG brands worldwide have started looking up Tokinomo for in-store marketing campaigns. The company has achieved this feat by collaborating with its global partners, introducing its products to local brands and retailers. 

Message to your customers and viewers:

“We are revolutionizing the in-store advertising field and constantly improving our technology to be the best solution for FMCG brands and retailers. Collaborating with our local distributors, Tokinomo has helped brands make their products the stars of the aisle, and we are not stopping here. If you want to promote your products innovatively, increase your awareness and sales, Tokinomo is always glad to help.”

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