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The List of Best Top 10 Startup Incubators and Accelerators Worldwide

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The number of startups in the world are increasing. They are successful with the backing of the best incubators in the world. The incubators and accelerators help new entrepreneurs in establishing scalable, robust businesses. The advantage is more due to the freelance revolution that is offering easy access. The new businesses can research and overcome challenges.

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Here is a list of startup accelerators and incubators:

1.Y Combinator, USA

Y Combinator startup accelerators

Y Combinator is one of the top accelerators in the world. Practically, it is the oldest and has accelerated the success of Airbnb, Dropbox, Twitch, Instacart, Stripe, Weebly, Coinbase, and Reddit. Y Combinator has funded more than 2000+ startups. It has a team of 40 people and every year acquire more than 13,000 startup applications. For early startup ideas, you may benefit from a 3-month biannual program of Y Combinator and target investments.

2. 500 Startups

500 Startups startup accelerators

It is in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2010 and is a worldwide venture. There are more than 150 employees to manage investments. They invent ecosystems worldwide by innovating skillful founders. Their investment mentor network has functional wisdom with firms such as Google, PayPal, YouTube, LinkedIn, Apple, Instagram, Twitter, and Yahoo. You can access the investors, network, and free workspace.

3.Venture Catalysts

Venture Catalysts startup accelerators

Venture Catalysts are in India. They are an integrated incubator. They provide venture capital as upskilling, guidance, networking, and tutoring with industry pioneers. Venture Catalysts provide working place, monthly affairs, and seminars in the biggest cities in India and outside. The firm has been helping initiatives to handle the pitch, shadowing, and review days. In this fast-growing economy, they are helping startups to utilize an integrated approach.

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4. StartupBootCamp

StartupBootCamp startup accelerators

Startupbootcamp is one of the lists of startup accelerators and incubators. Startupbootcamp accelerated startups. They arrange deep and highly-focused programs in different cities. They help the early-stage founders in scaling their firms. They have more than 2000 alumni founders, partners, consultants, and investors in the international network. Successful entrants boost their business following a process of rigorous selection.

5. Ignite

Ignite startup accelerators

Ignite is one of Europe’s top accelerators in the world offering programs. Ignite has arranged several programs in the UK and other cities, right from 2011, their existence. They take good care and have funded over 150 + companies. They offer accelerator programs for 6 months to help planning to execution and accomplishing a successful enterprise.

6. Melbourne Accelerator Program

Melbourne Accelerator Program startup accelerators

The University of Melbourne support this program and found it in 2012. It has allies mainly, HWT, IBM, and Universal Music Group. It has a remarkable stature and assists in the startup expansion accelerating. They provide investment ideas on the moderate side. They give you programs in your working space and help you to take an achievement path.

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7. Startup Reykjavik

startupreykjavik startup accelerators

Startup Reykjavik is offering a funding program at the seed level. It is a ten-week program conducted every year right from the time it was found in 2012. It is an exhaustive program held between June to August in Iceland. Time to spend your summer beneficially. Startups will find this program beneficial as they offer free workspace and investments. They guide over Ninety experts from the various network.

8. Metavallon

Metavallon startup accelerators

Metavallon, a venture capital company in Athens, Greece. Established in 2011, they combine talent, technology, and determination to sort out the early-stage startups. Metavallon offers help in different segments that include networking, consulting, acquiring, and coaching talent.  Their focus is on technology, and they give workspace in Greece and go case by case.

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9. Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator Digital startup

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator, located in Berlin, was founded in 2013. It is a joint venture and one of the significant firms. It is a multinational startup accelerator, a digital startup that can benefit and offer worldwide opportunities. It involves guidance and assists with a range of topics. Recently, they were with Porsche in coordination to form a new accelerator APX,  for digital business models.

10. Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys Business startup accelerators

Startup Wise Guys founded in 2012, are the most significant Business to Business startup accelerators. They are the highest investors in the Nordics and the CEE region. Their exhaustive three-month programs provide effortless guidance and top energy supporting you in your journey to becoming successful. They are the top accelerators in the world offering accelerator programs supporting the structure to reach customers.

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