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The Fastest Growing Eyewear Start-up

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When looking for online spectacles, you can come across a plethora of brands that retail glasses and sunglasses. However, you can not find one brand that retails good quality frames at affordable prices, except Specscart. For ages, eyeglasses have been sold as a mere tool for correction of eye defects while this fresh start-up, Specscart, is working hard to raise frames and glasses to the bar of a fashion accessory.

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What is Specscart?

It was a young boy who realised that the eyewear Trend in the UK needs a revolution and decided to start a fresh brand that would retail high quality fashion glasses at super affordable prices. The brand is quickly expanding the customer fanbase due to its multiple services and facilities:

1. Well-designed website

If you notice, a user-friendly website interface is a thing common with every established brand around the United Kingdom. A well-designed website with pleasing color themes and quick links reflects on the amount of time, resources and hard work that the brand has put in to improve the customer experience.

2. Engaging weekly blogs

Specscart’s website includes a section named ‘Blogs’ where they post one or two informative or fun blogs every week. They cover a good variety of niches like fashion, lifestyle, health, comedy and celebrity entertainment. In their blogs, you can find information on prevalent eye diseases and defects with interesting lookbooks.

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3. Latest collection

Online Spectacles

Round glasses, oversized glasses, cat-eye glasses, geometric glasses, thin rim glasses, aviator glasses, rectangular glasses, flat top-line glasses, wooden glasses, tortoiseshell print glasses, blue light blocking glasses – the website offers every style from eyewear trends 2021. You can buy glasses in different materials like acetate, titanium metal, stainless steel, wood etc.

4. Reasonable prices

A regular pair of good quality lenses in the UK market can range anywhere between 80 to 250 pounds. This is the major reason why people here are not able to afford more than one or two pairs of glasses. However, Specscart provides glasses starting at just 29 pounds.

5. Free home trial

If you are not fully sure about the glasses that you have chosen to buy, you can opt for a free home trial on glasses and choose up to four different frames to be delivered at your doorstep. Once satisfied, you can order the pair from the website and return the free trial glasses after seven days.

6. Fascinating packaging

Another thing that makes Specscart loveable is the elegant packaging in which you receive the glasses. The frame is delivered in a sturdy lens case with a complimentary microfibre cloth and a lens cleaning solution. Further, you also receive a mini screwdriver keychain so you don’t have to rush to your optician each time you want to get the hinges tightened.

7. Premium quality products

As mentioned above, the brand provides glasses at a super affordable rate without compromising on the quality of the glasses produced. The plant-based acetate glasses are ultralight, comfortable and hypoallergenic, so you can wear them for long hours without any skin rashes, irritation or discomfort. You also get a one-year corrosion-free warranty for the metal hinges of their frames.

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8. Free protective coatings

Good quality protective coatings can cost you a fortune. Specscart, however, avails them all for free! With every pair of glasses that you buy from Specscart, you get free anti-glare, anti-UV coatings that shield your eyes against light damage and free anti-scratch and impact resistant coatings that save your lenses from scratches and cracks to a great extent.

9. Free eye test

While an elaborate eye test from an experienced optometrist can be very heavy on your pocket, this brand provides a free eye test service for all its customers. You can walk in their stores in Walkden and Bury and avail the free service while also getting a chance to witness their beautiful collection.

10. 24-hour dispatch

If you order a pair of glasses online, they can take upto 5 days to reach your doorstep. That means you have to live with a blurry eyesight for 5 straight days! Specscart provides a 24-hour dispatch service so you can receive your glasses on the next day of placing the order.

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