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Size Up Apparel-From Tragedy to Victory

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Size Up Supplements and Apparel is a thriving collection of stylish and comfortable clothing lines and fitness supplements, however, behind it is a backstory, a long history of struggle and strategy from a young man who was an amateur when we talk about business. Just like any other business or start-ups, the road was bumpy for Size Up Apparel, but going through that rough patch was necessary to create this successful company. Size Up now offers Men and Women Apparel such as Denim Jeans, Pants, Joggers, Jackets, red plaid pants, Hoodies, T-shirts, Shorts, and Tanks at reasonable costs.

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Chase Campbell, the CEO of Size Up Apparel, has a motto “Never Give Up, be your person, do what makes you happy.” He learned these principles from his parents, which keep him going in his career and life as a whole. His success story dates back to 2011, where he and his family spent challenging economic struggles when his father became unemployed, and then, they lost their house in Detroit in the following months because they were unable to pay their financial obligations due to the unemployment of his dad. Campbell, at a young age, had no choice but to stand on his own feet. He was tempted to deal drugs since it was the fastest and easiest way to earn money, but he did not pursue it, although he borrowed the idea of dealing with drugs to apply it in another way to earn legally.

What he then did was, he became a Supplement Dealer. He started by finding out what kind of fitness supplements his friends and tried to look for them at a better price. When he found good deals, he would purchase the products, increase their price based on how much his friends purchased them. Of course, he offered them to his friends for a cheaper price compared to how they usually paid for them, and this encouraged them to purchase from him. Having a good network of friends to whom he can sell his products, his strategy worked easily.

From dealing with people, he was able to put up his site where he sold fitness supplements. At first, the site was not going well and got little to no traffic and he almost gave up on the site. So he explored other options like putting a postcard with coupon code in his eBay and Amazon ship-outs containing convincing deals for the same product on his website, which made the people, buy from his site. He also promoted his site on many forums through banner advertisements. And it helped somehow generate traffic on his site.

Bumps on the road were still unending as trials come one after another. There was no adequate space for the storage of the products. He went on searching for a storage unit or at least a warehouse, and luckily, his classmate’s father had a vacant lot on lease and gave an irresistible deal. Everything appeared to be promising however; he cannot get the lease for the unit because of his zero credit card score. Being a young man at the age of 19, of course, he didn’t have his own credit card.

Size Up Apparel From Tragedy to Victory

With these never-ending travails, a beam of light sparked when a friend of his named Krisjan who was aware of his dreams and aspirations, helped him offering to have his name written on the lease as he had the necessary requirements and documents. Then Campbell finally had his unit where he initially planned only for online orders or for order pick-ups. However, due to insistent public demand, he decided to open it as a local supplement store. To draw more customers in, he advertised that those who would come during the Grand Opening day and buy his products will get a “Size Up OG Tee,” Size Up shaker cup, Size Up Sticker, and samples of his products. True enough, people lined up during his grand opening day. Unexpectedly, the 25-50 customers he expected to turn up became 310.

The Size Up shirts he gave as gifts for customers became a good advertising strategy. Since people were asking about where they could buy the shirts, this sparked an idea for Campbell to launch a Size Up Apparel. Fast forward, he opened a Size Up Supplements branch, and at present, there are 8 branches located in three different places providing jobs for 24 staff. He is also selling a fitness clothing line that is well-accepted and patronized by fitness enthusiasts.

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Chase Campbell is grateful for the tragedy that turned into victory. He advises young entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses, “Go for it. You have one life to live, make it the best life to live.” He says that the key to victory is to be a diligent worker, while treating other people in the best possible way. Take it from the young entrepreneur who started with nothing and ended with a great career. Anything is possible for those with clear goals and vision and who press on despite the hurdles along the way.

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