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SIGNO: India’s first launched AI-Driven Blue Collar sourcing in 60 seconds

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As termed as a developing market economy, India is trying its best to cover all the aspects it needs to have so as to rise. Talking about the economy, the one field which goes hand in hand with it is jobs. While the country is trying hard to balance in between coping with the great fall of the economy and providing placements for its citizens, it still did not quite hit the mark. Furthermore, that is when SIGNO comes into the picture.

Feeling a sense of responsibility towards the nation, the founders of SIGNO launched the technology in October 2019 to lessen the burden of the people looking for jobs while acting as a match-making medium providing results in 60 seconds.

SIGNO focuses on Medium & large scale industries looking for blue-collar hirings such as Bikers, Drivers, Security Guard, and Construction labor.

The AI Bot founders, Gagan Chaturvedi, Mukesh Deogune, and Shailesh Kaul, are all industry specialists and experts who possess the knowledge of precisely what they are aiming for and providing of. Being the prime movers behind the concept, SIGNO’s rapid growth in the business is all thanks to their hard work and management.

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Supported by 8+ local languages and recently acquiring 20 clients incl. YoloBus, Blue dart, DHL, BLR, and others, SIGNO sets a great vision and purpose to solve the Indian Blue Collar Industry’s core problem towards building a robust and mutually beneficial business.

Within less than three months of its establishment, SIGNO has achieved an annualized revenue of INR 4+ Cr. In the current time, the company has its presence across six metro cities and have onboarded 20K Blue-collar job seekers with an ongoing purpose of targeting 1 million Blue Collar job seekers in the next five months.

Effectuated 30K+ automation call conducts in the last 30 days, and 10K+ job matching with full KYC; two of the SIGNO’s originators, Mukesh Deogune ( IIT BHU ) & Mohit Sachan ( Ex Co-founder, EezyNaukari, IIFT Delhi ) has proceeded to set up SAAS, a Client Dashboard tool which helps in Blue Collar hiring whole sourcing procedure following an effective and facile manner. The SAAS built-up enables its users in strengthening their strategy for sourcing thus containing the following features: Complete Digital/Video KYC, Share offer letter from portal direct, Mobile number tracking of candidates based on the SIM locations, ATS ( Application Tracking System ), Assign Supervisor Calling, and an AI-driven CV builder.

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Keeping in mind the drawback of no such dedicated and committed platform for business owners to find a trustworthy and reliable blue-collar service, SIGNO came to terms in breaking those obstacles, thus granting the wish of an industrialist or dealer to hire blue-collar people from anywhere they want.

With reference to SIGNO’s future strategy and aspiration, the software will approach as a skilled and reliable blue-collar service for the business owners accompanied by fast sourcing and classification. And for the blue-collar job seekers, it will guide and assign them jobs keeping in mind their preferences and skills. All that within 60 seconds.

In this challenging situation where the country and its citizens are facing impediments one after another, SIGNO aims to reduce one of the hassles causing factors. Providing work to the manual labors amidst the toughest of times, the AI Bot carries a tacit message; Dream big and leave it to SIGNO to take people towards their goal.

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Founders Message:

We are Providing Jobs to the blue-collar group in 60 Seconds through a Vernacular Intelligent Voice Call bot with complete digital KYC & Compliance in 3 min for business owners.

Problem: For business owners, there is no such dedicated platform for skilled, qualified, reliable, and disciplined blue-collar providing service, for no as such a dedicated organization or medium that can hire blue-collar people from anywhere they wish. In most prominent companies, the workers working in the lower position are more than people working in the top position are working, which is in a 60:40 ratio. Such as Security Guard, Drivers, Bikers. But companies don’t have a one-stop solution to get blue-collar people in 3 minutes. Business owners are using multiple ways like having discussions with 100’s of hiring consultancy, 100’s of in-house sourcing executives to get blue-collar peoples which is useless for time and money both.

Approach: For the business owner: Software as a Service, skilled & Reliable Blue collar. Lighting Fast Sourcing & Deployment; For Driver/ Security Guard/ Bikers: Preference wise Job assignment in 60 seconds. Currently supporting with more than 8 languages.

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