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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Home Startup Ships-a-Lot Guys Made an Ultimate Solution for E-commerce Stores

Ships-a-Lot Guys Made an Ultimate Solution for E-commerce Stores

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The guys behind the incredible platform are Zach Lukaszek, Max Zitney, and Zach Zitney. They are the founding team of Ships-a-Lot with each specializing in the rapidly growing world of eCommerce and shipping. Zach Lukaszek is a former Ph.D. student turned entrepreneur who now oversees the order fulfillment as well as works on developing faster, more efficient processes to increase customer satisfaction. Max Zitney is a lifelong entrepreneur who founded JerkyXP.com, which is an eCommerce store that sells beef jerky online. He now oversees the operational aspects of Ships-a-Lot and manages the ever-growing client base. Zach Zitney is also the founder of JerkyXP.com and now runs the business development aspects of Ships-a-Lot, increasing the companies outreach and managing the on-boarding of new clients and customer satisfaction.

Ships-a-Lot was born from eCommerce entrepreneurs who needed a solution for their own eCommerce store, but couldn’t find one. During their search, they were not able to come across a company that was “next-gen” in the order fulfillment industry. They needed a solution that connected directly to the Shopify platform, shipped products in real-time and had an easy to understand pricing model. The combination of these things did not exist at the time, so they set out to create a solution that worked for them. Once they created a robust solution where thousands of orders could be shipped daily with high accuracy in real-time, they decided that this service could be utilized by other Shopify stores. This is when Ships-a-Lot was born.


The Ships-a-Lot pricing model is straight-forward and easy to understand, with no hidden costs. Ships-a-Lot has three billable items which include Fulfillment at a flat rate cost, Postage at the lowest cost available and never marked up, Warehousing at $35 a month for unlimited space. There are no other surprise fees. Pricing is a huge decision point when choosing a fulfillment center and Ships-a-Lot prides themselves in their transparent pricing model.

Ships-a-Lot’s customer service is also what sets them apart from almost all fulfillment companies. When you are a Ships-a-Lot client you have direct contact with a manager who can help you at any time with anything from store issues to product updates and any other questions that would happen to come up or if you want to just say hi they are there too. They pride themselves on being an extension of your business that feels just like your very own warehouse. Read more about their customer’s experience over on their trust pilot page.


Ships-a-Lot has been steadily growing with the ever expansion of the eCommerce world, specifically with the Shopify userbase. Starting out Ships-a-Lot found an instant need for their service from fast-growing stores who could not handle their own order fulfillment. The benefits to outsourcing fulfillment come down to scalability=

Ecommerce stores are in the game of using the internet to run a business, the one thing that most growing stores tend to leave out is that aspect that they need to develop their own fulfillment center that has employees, meets regulation, has HR, has insurance and all the other business aspects of running a fulfillment center. The benefit of a company like Ships-a-Lot is they cover all of this and you don’t have to worry about hiring employees or any of the complications of staffing a full warehouse as well as materials. As stated above all you have to pay are 3 fees and that is it. Let Ships-a-Lot worry about the business of fulfillment so that you can worry about growing your own business to incredible heights.


The growth of e-commerce, as well as Ships-a-Lot in 2017 through 2020 and further, is expected to completely eclipse any of the previous years. With the need for outsourced fulfillment growing, Ships-a-Lot is ready to handle the growth.

Getting started with Ships-a-Lot is very easy, just head over to Ships-a-Lot.com and click contact us on the top right. Provide as much information as possible and they will get back to you within 12 hours with pricing and onboarding details.


Ships-a-Lot is the number one solution for warehousing and fulfillment in the ever-growing eCommerce space. They are not a warehousing company that transformed into a fulfillment company just because. They are an eCommerce company, who are eCommerce entrepreneurs who built an order fulfillment solution for eCommerce entrepreneurs. This young like-minded group of entrepreneurs will continue to add innovative technology to their fulfillment center to be ahead of the curve of the warehousing industry. One of the biggest changes coming to warehousing and fulfillment is the use of robots in almost all aspects of the process. Ships-a-Lot has been exploring the implementation of robots in their warehouse with the help from.


They haven’t set our a date for when the implementation is going to take place just yet but the guys behind Ships-a-Lot are preparing themselves for the future of order fulfillment.

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